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Brazilian trade alliance becomes first IPCSA member in South America

IPCSA welcomes first South American member
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Procomex, the Alliance for Foreign Trade Logistics Modernization of Brazil, has joined the International Port Community Systems Association (IPCSA) to support its work in Brazilian ports on the optimisation and digitalisation of port and logistics.

According to a statement, Procomex will use its membership to create Port Community Systems in at least four Brazilian Ports. Procomex is IPCSA’s first member in in South America.

John Mein, Executive Coordinator of PROCOMEX explained the purpose of Procomex is to facilitate trade and that it is instrumental in helping the Brazilian government develop and implement single windows at four Brazilian ports, Santos, Suape, Rio de Janeiro and Itajaí.

“We have had a huge amount of support from IPCSA in these activities and it is a pleasure to be able to join the Association and bring our own experience and knowledge and add to what the IPCSA brings to the international stage,” Mein said.

Hans Rook, Chairman, IPCSA, welcomed Procomex and  stated that “IPCSA has worked with John Mein and the team at Procomex earlier this year by sharing our experiences with a delegation of Brazilian Ports.

“This included focusing on what a Port Community System is, how it links and support Maritime and other Single Windows initiatives, as well as typical examples of Governance and Business Models. I am delighted that this support has led to Procomex joining IPCSA and becoming our first member in South America.”

Procomex already has in place a Memorandum of Understanding with Brazilian Customs with the objective of improving trade processes and the Implementation of the SAFE Framework of Standards.

Richard Morton, IPCSA, Secretary General adds that “Procomex’s experience over many years of bringing communities together and supporting in the modernisation of processes ensure a perfect fit into the culture and knowledge base of IPCSA. 

“It brings this experience and can share and support other organisations in how to navigate the maze of legal and operational processes which are required to achieve full optimisation of Ports and Single Window developments.”

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