BrainCreators launches maritime surveillance system in the UK

BrainCreators announce maritime surveillance system availability in the UK

BrainCreators, an AI and digital inspection solutions, has announced the availability of its maritime surveillance system, SEAGULL, for use in the UK.

SEAGULL is an advanced Software as a service (SaaS) solution specifically designed for continuous and automated vessel monitoring for ports, harbours, coasts, bridges, locks and waterways.

To mark this expansion, BrainCreators will be part of the Dutch Trade Mission at the prestigious London International Shipping Week (LISW), an event that brings together global maritime professionals to explore the latest developments and innovations in the industry.

BrainCreators officially launched SEAGULL in the Netherlands in January 2023.

SEAGULL has been successfully installed by its launching client, Scheveningen Harbour and is now being implemented at a number of additional ports and municipalities.

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BrainCreators views the expansion of SEAGULL into the UK as a logical progression. Given the UK’s status as an island nation with a pivotal role in global trade and transportation, it experiences a significantly higher level of maritime activity.

The UK boasts an extensive coastline, numerous ports, and maritime corridors that function as vital hubs for commerce, transportation, and logistics. Ports such as the Port of London, Southampton, Liverpool, Felixstowe, and others contribute to a thriving marine environment.

As a result, monitoring all marine traffic properly is a difficult task, explained BrainCreators. Effective digital maritime surveillance and monitoring technologies, such as SEAGULL, may thus play a critical role in guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of UK shipping operations.

The system reportedly notifies operators when vessels exceed speed limits or traverse during nighttime hours, thereby augmenting maritime safety. A notable feature is that SEAGULL also identifies non-AIS (Automatic Identification System) vessel traffic.

In particular, SEAGULL’s design strictly adheres to relevant privacy laws and guidelines. The data it collects is used solely for monitoring and securing port operations, with strict protocols to prevent unauthorised access and misuse.

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Jasper Wognum, CEO and Co-founder at BrainCreators, said: “The expansion of SEAGULL into the UK marks a crucial step in our commitment to improve maritime surveillance and security worldwide.

“The UK’s vibrant maritime ecosystem, shaped by its island status and robust trading operations, demands advanced solutions like SEAGULL to seamlessly monitor and optimise vessel movements.

“By combining advanced technology with rigorous data analytics, we aim to make navigable waters safer, more efficient and sustainable for all parties involved.”

This month, Community Network Services (CNS), a subsidiary of DP World, announced the launch of its new CNS Port Community System (PCS) to future-proof port technology in the United Kingdom and globally.

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