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Blockchain-Based Container Completes Maiden Voyage

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The Port of Rotterdam has announced that the first paperless and fully door-to-door tracked container, based on blockchain technology, has arrived at the warehouse of Samsung SDS in Tilburg.

Travelling via Europe’s largest container port on the Blockchain-based platform DELIVER, the delivery was part of a blockchain demonstration conducted by ABN AMRO, Port of Rotterdam and Samsung SDS.

With the safe arrival of the cargo, all parties involved have shown that integrated container tracking and tracing, the processing of documentation, and financial transactions, can all be completed in a secure and paperless way that is far more efficient than usual methods.

Dean Croke has discussed what blockchain could mean for logistics in a recent Port Technology technical paper

According to a statement, the DELIVER concept fuels process automation and provides value for all actors in the supply chain, offering a comprehensive management system that can be leveraged across the logistics network.

It has also been said that achieving interoperability between physical and blockchain platforms “enables an international trade ecosystem” that facilitates intelligent and safe data exchange.

Robert van der Waal, Deputy President of Samsung SDS EU/CIS, DELIVER, commented: “The first shipments to use the platform gave us a good insight into the possibilities of large-scale implementation.

“As cargo recipient, we benefitted from real time information and advance availability of digitized cargo documentation.



“We can re-design our processes more efficiently, enabling us to act based on real-time events and trusted data. Ultimately, this will strengthen our service proposition to customers.”

Follow the success of DELIVER’s Proof of Concept phase, ABN AMRO, Rotterdam and Samsung SDS have signed an extended collaboration agreement for the next phase of the DELIVER project.

The goal of this stage is to conduct pilot projects with multiple shippers from various industries, demonstrating the applicability of the concept throughout a range of different trade lanes.

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