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Baltimore Shattering Records After Port Upgrades

Baltimore Shattering Records After Port Upgrades

The Port of Baltimore has witnessed record growth after recent upgrades that have been made to the container port, according to CBS Baltimore.

Progress has been vast for Baltimore – a port on the East Coast of the US that is now the fourth fastest growing in America – breaking its previous nine-month record by more than 500,000 tons recently.

 Cargo is also up by 15% – making the port a leader among US East Coast ports.

Richard Scher of the Maryland Port Administration said: “Through the first nine months of 2017 the port has handled more than 8 million tons of cargo.

“We’re seeing bigger ships coming now, bringing more cargo because we can handle those bigger ships because we have the supersized cranes and we have some infrastructure that we have that other ports don’t have.

“It’s obviously great news for the port because business is up, but even more importantly it’s great news for port jobs.”

Technical Paper: Baltimore Still Number One for RoRo in US

The Port of Baltimore recently purchased additional land for the port to account for larger ships, as well as penning a deal with defence and security company Saab to provide their information management system ‘KleinPort’.

The latest addition from Saab uses a newly released Common Operating Picture (COP), a single identical display of relevant operational information shared by more than one command, which gives all authorized port stakeholders an easily accessible, map-based overview of their port.

Overall, the Port of Baltimore is ranked fourteenth in terms of cargo handled in US ports. 

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