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Awake.AI launches Smart Port as a Service SPAS
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Awake.AI has announced a new component of the open and collaborative Awake Platform, Smart Port as a Service.

Smart Port as a Service is a web application that allows users to interact and collaborate with other actors in real-time, a company statement explained.

Smart Port as a Service drives the digital transformation in maritime logistics and spearheads the smart port ecosystem creation.

The service and platform will enable improved efficiency, sustainability, competitiveness, and lower costs for all port actors, including port authorities, terminal operators, cargo owners and many more.

Awake.AI said in the statement that Smart Port as a Service will assist in the reduction of shipping emissions, the reduction of cost of transport and port calls, as well as transforming situational awareness into situational understanding.

It will also provide near future port call forecasts enabling better planning, Real-time shared communication channel between actors, and transparent and fast status sharing of port operations for all actors.

Awake.AI is applying artificial intelligence (AI) and especially machine learning (ML) methods as an integral part of the Awake Platform.

The Awake Platform brings all maritime logistics actors together to plan operations and achieve sustainability goals by reducing emissions and enabling optimization of different processes within the maritime sector.

The platform is an open and collaborative platform, a single place for information trusted by all maritime logistic actors. The company has now launched four revolutions of its platform to the market: AI Revolution, Messaging Revolution, Mapping Revolution and Security Revolution.

Smart Port as a Service has been developed together with end customers and collaborative piloting has been completed in real environments. 

The Port of Rotterdam has chosen Awake.AI as its smart port development partner. Awake.AI enables smart ships to call at Port of Rotterdam by developing data standards, API’s, datasets, cloud services and simulating scenarios before physical world smarter ships arrive.

Meanwhile, Finland’s largest export port for paper, Euroports Rauma, and Euroports Finland have expressed their interest to cooperate with Awake.AI to digitalize port operations.

“The purpose is to create a new market in several steps, taking port call efficiency to a new level using real-time information exchange and reliable data. Awake.AI has a clear vision of the new ecosystem, with its operations, and capabilities to coordinate large development entities,“ said Janne Virta, Director of Commercial & Business development, Euroports Rauma Oy.

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