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Awake.AI Joins Autonomous Shipping Alliance

Awake.AI Joins Autonomous Shipping Alliance

One Sea, the industry alliance that brings together leading exponents of autonomous ship technology, has welcomed smart technology specialists Awake.AI, a highly innovative firm led by an experienced team of digital innovators.

In a statement, One Sea said Awake.AI is aiming to create a new platform and machine learning (ML) models based on transparent data sharing to break down the barriers between ships, ports and other actors I the maritime logistics chain.

The ‘virtual infrastructure’ will be vital if ports are to handle autonomous ships successfully from pre-arrival, through cargo operations and to onward departure, according to Awake.AI.

The company draws on experience from digital innovators including Nokia, Microsoft, Rolls Royce and Aker by collecting expertise in intelligent and autonomous ship systems, AI data pipelines, system architecture, cloud and cyber security.

Joining One Sea brings Awake.AI into a commercially neutral industry cluster that already plays host to the technology leaders in autonomous shipping, including ABB, Ericsson, Inmarsat, Kongsberg Maritime and Cargotec among others.

“Today’s data silos result from legacy systems developed when interoperability wasn’t a pressing need,” says Awake.AI CEO, Karno Tenovuo.

“Moving forward, the more information is shared, the greater are the opportunities to automate.

“Our task is to develop the digital handshakes (APIs) between different supply-chain actors, freeing data to enable smarter ships and ensure their acceptance by smart ports.”

Jukka Merenluoto, Ecosystem Lead, One Sea, commented: “We are delighted to welcome Awake.AI on board: enabling the smooth flow of data between different players is integral to One Sea’s roadmap to transition from remote monitoring to remote control, and to increasing vessel autonomy by 2025.

“We also advocate the benefits of maritime digitalization in its own right, to minimize incidents, decrease marine traffic’s environmental footprint and improve commercial efficiency.”

Awake.AI is a sponsor of Port Technology International’s Smart Digital Ports of the Future Conference (SDP19) in Rotterdam from 4-6 November 2019.

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