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Auckland Welcomes Three Giant Cranes

Auckland Welcomes Three Giant Cranes

The Port of Auckland has welcomed three giant 82.3 meter cranes into Waitemata Harbour after completing a three-week journey from Shanghai.


They stand taller than the Auckland Harbour Bridge and weigh 2100 tonnes each. As well as that, they are one-third the height of the Sky Tower, the biggest building in Auckland.

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The new machines will help the port manage container traffic more efficiently, and are a pivotal part of its ‘Master Plan’ – a 30-year expansion plan which aims to turn the port into a shipping, supply chain and logistics hub.



PTI reported in May 2018 that that the port’s ‘Master Plan’ includes investing in simulation-based training technology for remote controlled ship-to-shore cranes.

It is also expecting a delivery of automated straddle carriers in 2019, as part of the ‘Master Plan’ it expects will increase its capacity by a third.  

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