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Associations join forces to tackle safety of dangerous goods storage and transport

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Representatives of global cargo handling operators, International Cargo Handling Coordination Association (ICHCA), have partnered with International Vessel Operators Dangerous Goods Association (IVODGA) to implement new safety procedures on global supply chains. 

Both parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreeing to produce clearly defined guidelines for global movement of cargo. By working on joint projects both bodies should improve standards across numerous safety issues affecting the transport of dangerous goods, ICHCA said in a statement. 

“The extraordinary disaster in Beirut last August was an all too unwelcome wake-up call to everyone involved in the transport, storage and distribution of dangerous materials,” said ICHCA CEO, Richard Steele. 

“However, similar incidents, smaller in proportion, yet damaging to life and limb as well as properly happen across the supply chain on a frequent basis. The mutual cooperation of IVODGA and ICHCA will be aimed at the universal understanding and application of measures for the safe handling and storage of a range of goods with potential to cause explosions, fires and noxious gas emissions etc.”

“The mutual goal and the shared respect of our two organisations will quickly result in a positive contribution to a clear and efficient communication between not just our respective members but crucially across all stakeholders in the supply chain whose interests touch any and all hazardous materials”, added Vice Chair of IVODGA and Special Adviser to ICHCA International, Uffe V. Ernst Frederiksen. 

More than 100 hundred people died and 4,000 were injured during the disaster in Beirut in August 2020. The explosion was caused by the ignition of tonnes of highly explosive ammonium nitrate that was improperly stored at the port. This new MoU aims to ensure tragedies like this won’t happen again.

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