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PTI is giving you the chance to ask one question per session for the upcoming Smart Port and Supply Chain Technologies Conference (SPSCT), in order to get first hand insight from some of the industry’s leading executives and decision makers on the questions you need answered.

SPSCT covers many issues and will explore the opportunities for improving the supply chain by collaborating and utilising new technologies.

As well as potentially being read at the conference, key questions and answers will also be followed up in our news service after the conference.

Below is a quick preview of all the sessions at SPSCT and the key topics that will be covered. Please remember you may ask a question for each, and please email your questions to PTI Editor Richard Joy at 


Day One

Session 1: Smart Port Vision: The Rotterdam Story

This session looks at the transformation of the Port of Rotterdam and how its journey towards total smart chain integration by utilising blockchain technology and the internet of things (IoT).

Session Two: Port Digitisation: Technologies for Smarter Operations Integration

What is port digitisation or big data analysis? This session explores the benefit of new technologies and collaborating with start-ups, such as cloud-based services, mobile devices and more.

Session Three: The Smart Supply Chain: Total End-to-End Data Integration Solutions

In this session, experts will be discussing the challenges of process management decentralisation, IoT integration and data sharing in the global supply chain.

Session Four: Collaboration & Standardisation: Global Process Implementation for Smart Exception Management

Presentations from this session touch upon the necessity for standardising global processes. These include smart contracts, paperless board processes and more, all in the name of increasing cargo flow reliability.

Session Five: Blockchain & Data Sharing: Capitalising on the Blockchain Opprtunity

What is blockchain and how does it affect the global supply chain? This session explores the benefits of blockchain and showcases examples of its success.



Day Two

Session One: Prioritising Supply Chain Logistics: Total E2E Intermodal Planning Processes

In this session, our panel of experts look at the potential of E2E logistics to make the inland value supply chain can be made more efficient.

Session Two: Evolving Business Models: Transformation Solutions

How do businesses achieve the three E’s? Presentations look at innovation strategies, technology implementation and transformation management.

Session Three: Smart Data for Next-Gen Ports & Supply Chains: Data Analytics for Performance Maximisation

How can businesses in the supply chain manage their data more intelligently? Discussions in this session evaluate the importance of data in driving the world economy, as well as the benefits of finding global standards on data ownership.

Session Four: Smart Terminal Solutions: Transforming Terminals into Intelligent Network Nodes

Experts examine the latest developments in terminal technology – including AI, data analytics, IoT platforms, blockchainm self-driving technologies and more.


Once again, please email your questions over to PTI Editor Richard Joy at


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