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ARES Security Launches New Platform

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ARES Security has announced the release of its first multi-tenant, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for US seaports.

The company is now providing its Avert C2 (formally CommandBridge) system as a SaaS platform for small and medium-sized ports.

According to a statement, in addition to sea ports, the solution is deployed at several law enforcement, transportation, Department of Defense (DoD) and other facilities across the country.

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Designed as a command and control (C2) platform, the solution integrates several operational, security and communications systems to allow users to access real-time data.  

The platform is designed to streamlines workflows and response times by integrating previously siloed information into a unified platform with a customized awareness dashboards.

When the system detects an activity it fires an alert, visualizes the most relevant data to the users and enables operators to interact with that information to quickly execute an appropriate response.

Ben Eazzetta CEO of ARES Security said, “We are excited to offer the first of a series of planned SaaS solutions to our customers and provide enhanced security, automation and operational capabilities to the entire market.”

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