APMT Call for Data Revolution


Alex Duca, Head of Design and Automation for APM Terminals (APMT) has called for a sensor revolution at the annual Terminal Operators Conference (TOC) Europe, held in Rotterdam in June, 2015, by saying that sensors could bring quantum leaps into the port eco-system and the supply chain.

Mr. Ducasaid: “We want to have sensors everywhere – on all moving equipment, on all operational interfaces and transfer points. Sensors give us data power and metrics – so we can make things better and improve services.

“A whole new world of equipment intelligence opens to us all. When you extend this capability across the port ecosystem we make quantum leaps in the business and the supply chain. We make our customers stronger, our companies better and our jobs more important – each of us has a role to play.”

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Citing the Apple iPhone as an example, Mr. Duca highlighted how sharing data with Apple enables faster improvements for iPhone performance and new developments for web applications.

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Mr Duca continued: “Let’s bring this technology ecosystem into the port ecosystem. Think of how we could bring that feedback loop into the port business. Let’s get the power of data through sensors – to work much better in our industry.

“We can save more lives. We can design and engineer safer ports. We can make world trade move better. We can all make decisions that have higher impact for our companies and customers. Sensors deliver data and data shows us trends, safety performance, costs and ways to improve – thanks to better diagnostics”, he noted.

This callout follows a recent claim that Big Data could be the solution for connecting the maritime industry. KVH industries believe that Big Data could ultimately allow the shipping industry to become more competitive.

(Source: APMT)

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