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APMT Gothenburg to Double Rail Traffic

APMT gothenburg
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APM Terminals Gothenburg (APMT Gothenburg), one of the largest terminal operators in the world by market share, has announced plans to double rail capacity volumes by 2022 as part of efforts to reduce emissions in its logistics operations.

The Gothenburg Gateway, which the solution is called, is connected to more than 300 inland destinations in Sweden via rail.

60 rail shuttles per week mean Gothenburg has unprecedented rail coverage in Sweden, including six weekly shuttles by Vanerexpressen which connect the center of Dalarna with the biggest container shipping network in Scandinavia via APMT Gothenburg.

With a short lead time of only eight hours, cargo is loaded into the railway terminal in Insjon in central Sweden during the day and is off-loaded late in the evening in Gothenburg.  

APMT Gothenburg’s initiative is meant to meet the growing demand for containerized goods in and out of Sweden. It will include the expansion of the aforementioned Insjon railway terminal to carry greater numbers of cargo and connect customers to global shipping markets.

Transporting goods via train, according to APMT Gothenburg, can reduce emissions by 98%, as well as other a host of economic benefits, in particular significant cost savings.

To utilize the potential of rail, APMT Gothenburg has called on all partners in the cluster to work together to ensure infrastructure and digital solutions are put in place.

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