APM Terminals orders Kuenz cranes for Maasvlakte II terminal

 12 Jun 2012 10.58am

  • Kuenz will deliver 26 ARMG Cranes and two Rail Cranes to APM Terminal's new Rotterdam terminal

APM Terminals Rotterdam Maasvlakte II has selected 26 Automated Rail Mounted Gantry (ARMG) cranes and two rail cranes from the Austrian crane manufacturer Kuenz.

The automated equipment will be delivered in 2013 and 2014 and will be ready for full commercial operation from November 2014.

“We’re designing the terminal of the future to serve the ships of the future,” said Frank Tazelaar, Managing Director of APM Terminals Maasvlakte II.

“These ARMGs will be the high performance workhorses of the terminal - capable of supporting the scale of container stack activity associated with multiple large container ships in port.”

The ARMGs, which will operate using a terminal operating system and equipment control system, will lift and stow the containers delivered from the Lift Automated Guided Vehicles (LAGVs) that shuttle containers to and from the berth and rail terminal.
Maasvlakte II will become the world’s first terminal to be equipped with Lift AGVs.

Of interest, at night or when the terminal is quiet, the system features a “housekeeping” capability that restows/restacks containers in the best spot for early morning truck appointments or for easy access for the next vessel loadplan. This feature of automated yard optimization of the stack during quiet times allows for better efficiency at peak times.

Intermodal-wise, APM Terminals Maasvlakte II will feature an ondock rail terminal with eight tracks to serve the high volume intermodal cargo to the European hinterland. To deliver the highest efficiency, two Kuenz rail cranes will be used to load and unload trains. The cranes are wide to span eight tracks. The rail cranes will be operated manually by a driver in a cabin but a large part of the activity runs in automated mode. The railcranes are configured for more automation at a later stage.

For both crane types, Kuenz will use ABB as the supplier for the electrical and automation system.

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