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APM Terminals Unveils Europe-China Gateway

APM Terminals Unveils Europe-China Gateway

A new freight service operating between Sweden and China has been launched by APM Terminals (APMT) Gothenburg, with the claim that up to a week will be shaved off the transit time to Shanghai.

The Gothenburg Gateway is a new ‘concept in logistics’ according to APMT, featuring increased frequency of shipping from China and backed up by faster and more efficient container handling via APMT’s Gothenburg terminal, as well as improved rail freight services in Sweden.

Speaking at the launch, CEO of APMT Gothenburg Henrik Kristensen presented the new service and described it as the result of considerable time and effort spent analysing how to increase efficiency through the digitization of processes.



“Via the Gothenburg Gateway it should take a maximum of 24 hours to reach the port by train freight and no more than 48 hours in total to get a container onto an ocean-going vessel,” Kristensen said.

The terminal operator also made it clear that the improvement of services between China and Sweden is a work in progress, relying upon the further development of logistics technology and increased investment in the Port of Gothenburg.

Patrick Verhoeven discusses how to create interconnectivity between smart ports in a recent Port Technology technical paper

In future, APMT wants to raise the frequency of services to Gothenburg to three ships per week.

Kristensen added: “We now want to take the next step and further develop our port and its logistics solutions, which we will achieve by working together with goods owners, freight lines, rail and road freight operators and local and national authorities.

“The Gothenburg Gateway is a concept to ensure future growth for Swedish industry and trade.”   

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