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APM Terminals Boosts Tractor Fleet in Algeciras

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APM Terminals Algeciras, the Mediterranean’s largest container trade hub, has announced that it will renew and boost its existing fleet of terminal tractors.

The company, according to a statement, has decided to introduce the new Terberg YT222 model, a move which is expected to both increase the safety and mitigate the environmental impact of terminal operations.

In addition to this, the new equipment will offer improved ergonomics and be more comfortable for terminal staff to operate.

Dr. Francisco de los Santos, Algeciras Port Authority, discusses the digitalization of ports in a recent Port Technology technical paper

116 tractor units are scheduled to arrive in July 2019, replacing the current fleet of vehicles and increasing its number by 14.

Terberg, which works closely with APM Terminals to gain first-hand feedback from users, has ensured that the new model includes the specifications and necessary improvements suggested by operators.



Upgrades to the tractor range from a lower emission engine for more sustainable operations to the repositioning of the exhaust behind the cabin.

Also included in the new model are additional rear-view mirrors for improved driver visibility and safety features such as presence sensors and enforced seat belt usage in order to start the tractor.

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