Antwerp Breaks Annual TEU Record

 02 Jan 2019 10.26am

The Port of Antwerp has announced it expects 2018 to be a record year for cargo handling with an expected TEU volume increase of 5.5%, according to a statement.

If the forecasts are correct, it will be the sixth year in a row the Port’s cargo volume has increased, an achievement which it says “assures the continuity of the port's role as the main engine of the Belgian economy”.

In addition, it has said its focus in 2019 is to continue its technological and logistical innovations in an attempt to keep the port growing year after the year.

Along with the growth forecasts, the port also says it will soon reach maximum container capacity and that additional innovation and expansion is vital to its future.

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In a statement, Port Authority CEO Jacques Vandermeiren said: “Now we will continue on the same course as before, towards a sustainable port of the future. But to keep growing in a sustainable way, we together with the whole port community must strain every effort to meet the challenges facing us today.

“The port of the future must have enough capacity and be accessible, sustainable, smart and secure to remain attractive for investors".

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