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Amsterdam Sea Lock Speeds Ahead

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The Port of Amsterdam has provided an update on its construction of a new sea lock, with work set to continue on the IJmuiden project throughout January and February.

According to the port, more than 200,000 cubic metres of concrete have now been poured during the building of the inner lock head and lock chamber, with more to be poured over the next two months.

In addition to this, January and February will see further work completed on lock gates and local control buildings, which are now taking shape around the sea lock.

Rob Gordijn discusses the mega-project of building Amsterdam's new sea-lock in a recent Port Technology technical paper

The lock gates required for the project arrived from South Korea on December 6, 2018, and will be transported from Rotterdam to the Port of Amsterdam’s OpenIJ Logistics Centre as soon as weather permits.

At the inner head of the sea lock, OpenIJ is completing the final concreting works before the lock gate chamber can undergo a sinking operation, with partitions being installed to ensure the process is stable.


1 – Inner Lock Head, 2 – Lock Sill, 3 – Lock Chamber, 4 – Control Buildings, 5 – Outer Lock Head (Credit: Port of Amsterdam)


The final concreting of the southern and northern lock chamber walls is also set to be completed by February, after which the top of the walls will be covered in steel plating.

Local control buildings are to be situated on both sides of the Lock Operation Centre, with one to be built near the inner lock head, and the other near the outer lock head.

From these buildings, as well as the Lock Operation Centre, it will be possible to operate and control the lock gates.

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