Amsterdam Creates Noise Zone tool

 19 May 2017 09.18am

Amsterdam Port has plans to launch an online noise zoning plan that allocates noise levels for each lot at the port.

Amsterdam Port’s draft “Westpoort Noise Zone Plan” will be accessible and available for operators at the port to review before summer.

This is needed to allow Amsterdam Port to allocate space evenly to companies such as new businesses within the area while complying with current environmental rules.

Previously noise zoning information was only available by request from the Dutch Environment Agency.

Westpoort is a region of the city of Amsterdam that covers the Port of Amsterdam including the main harbour and industrial areas.

Its noise zone map will be placed on a government website that publishes digital spatial plans, a collaboration of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and other authorities.

Westpoort’s noise zone plan adds new rules about noise to an existing zoning plan that define how much noise can be produced for each lot and imission point.

They include a model that allows calculation of whether an operation will be compatible with the noise rules, using anonymised data taken from environmental permits already granted.

Amsterdam Port says this provides a transparent overview of how much noise allowance has been assigned to each lot in the industrial area.

Technical Paper: Port of Amsterdam: A dry bulk logistics gateway to Europe

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