Amazon Officially Registers to Ship Containers

 18 Jan 2016 09.09am

Online retail giant Amazon has made an ambitious move into the transportation of ocean freight after registering to operate as an ocean-based freight forwarder in the US, according to the US Federal Maritime Commission.

PTI previously reported on several analysts predicting that Amazon was about to make a move into freight forwarding, however the move from Amazon has come sooner than expected.

Amazon made the move via its China department, which is now listed amongst the Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (companies authorised in the US to sell ocean freight services).

The move from Amazon affords them control over the shipping of products from China to the US.

Ryan Petersen, the CEO of Flexport, a San Francisco-based freight forwarder, told the International Business Times: "Amazon China now has the appropriate paperwork to provide ocean freight services for other companies.

“This is Amazon's first step toward entering the $350bn ocean freight market.

"Because Amazon's ocean freight services will be far more attractive to Chinese sellers than to American buyers, Chinese suppliers would love direct access to Amazon's vast American customer base.

“But the idea of buying ocean freight is far less appealing for US companies selling on the Amazon Marketplace."

Amazon is clearly making massive moves to expand its logistics infrastructure, after announcing plans to lease 20 Boeing 767 jets in order to expand its delivery operations, it has now officially moved into container shipping.

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