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Alibaba’s Autonomous Logistics Vehicle Announced

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The G Plus during a live test on public roads. Image courtesy of RoboSense.

Alibaba Group’s Cainiao Network and RoboSense have jointly released the world’s first autonomous logistics vehicle utilizing solid-state LiDAR technology — dubbed G Plus.

The new technology was announced at Alibaba’s Cainiao Network 2018 Global Smart Logistics Summit.

The G Plus utilizes RoboSense’s owned developed RS-LiDAR-M1Pre, marking the first time that an unmanned vehicle has utilized solid-state LiDAR.

The autonomous vehicle comes equipped with three RS-LiDAR-M1Pres, two mounted in the front and one mounted at the back, providing the vehicle with the most powerful 3D perception available — bestowing the ability to clearly see the shape, distance, and speed of any moving obstacles as well the exact route to drive.



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The advanced LiDAR system developed by RoboSense is an evolution on regular LiDAR systems, which use a number of laser emitters to consistently scan the area around them.

The RS-LiDAR-M1Pre has been developed to require only a small number of laser emitters and receivers to scan the local area, whereas traditional multi-beam LiDAR systems would require more than a hundred — which increases production cost and greatly reduces reliability.

With the capability for the G Plus to be mass-produced the autonomous vehicles are set to rapidly expand the unmanned logistics vehicles market whilst drastically reducing operational costs.

A recent video from the TechNode Youtube channel shows highlights from the Global Smart Logistics Summit, including close-up footage of the G Plus, a look at the latest model of Cainiao's delivery trucks, and autonomous warehousing robots.

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