ACI Announce European Dredging Summit

 10 Mar 2016 03.23pm

In a bid to provide practical solutions in the dredging sector, Active Communications International (ACI) has announced the second European Dredging Summit, which will be hosted in Hamburg, Germany on September 14-15, 2016.

The aim of the summit is to allow experts in the industry to collectively share dredging experience in order to provide insight on sustainable practices, as well as techniques used by ports to ensure efficiency in dredging operations. 

Technical Paper: Dredging the Mersey for Liverpool2

Industry experts at the event will present to a senior level audience, followed by interactive discussions which will focus on key topics, such as dredging strategies, operational management and project success.

Topics to be covered include sediment profile imaging technology, lowering dredging emissions and information on contract set-up between contractor and supplier.

Technical Paper: New Equipment for New Demands

Joining the speakers will be multiple leading  companies in the industry, including port authorities, harbour masters, port managers, bulk terminals managers, marine engineers, environmental engineers.

Technical Paper: Integrating Adaptive Environmental Management into Dredging Projects

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