ABB supply S2S to Color Line

 25 Feb 2014 04.14pm

ABB are fitting a shore-to-ship (S2S) power system to Norwegian company Color Line’s ro-pax ferry the SuperSpeed1.

The conversion to an S2S system is expected to reduce fuel costs and enable the Norwegian company to operate vessels in the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly manner available.

The contract is due to be completed in March and will be the third of the Norwegian shipping company’s vessels to be fitted with an S2S system by ABB, following the Color Magic and Color Fantasy.

The 34,231-tonne ship that has been in service on the Kristiansand – Hitshals route since 2008 will be installed with one of the fastest connection systems available, switching to S2S power in a matter of minutes.

ABB will supply all the necessary components to ensure successful operation. This will include a compatibility assessment, installation of the S2S connection switchboard, the on board transformer, and the low voltage receiving switchboard.

Furthermore, ABB will extend the automation system and the shore side high voltage shore connection switchboard in Kristiansand, Norway, where an 11 kV system will supply the existing low voltage 690 V system whilst the ferry is in port.

The system complies fully with IEC/ISO/IEEE standards, and will eliminate CO2 and NOx, SOx and PM emissions completely while the vessel is in port.

This will result in a total annual reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions up to 3,000 tons and 50 tonnes respectively.

Color Line is one of Europe’s largest ferry owners with annual sales in the order of US$ 770 million. It deploys six ships across routes linking Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

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