A greener future for RTGs developed

 07 Jun 2012 11.25am

  • Konecranes has introduced a hybrid power option for its RTGs, which will lead to reduced fuel consumption at ports

A new hybrid (diesel/electric) power source for RTGs has the potential to reduce diesel consumption at ports by over 60 percent.

At a time when emission regulations look set to continue to tighten, Konecranes has developed technology that lowers emission levels and offers a reduction in the noise produced by port operations.

Konecranes’ latest innovations include the Hybrid Power Pack and Diesel Fuel Saver, both of which allow users to reduce their diesel usage. Konecranes has also put forward two electric power options, the Cable Reel and Busbar, which allow users to avoid diesel altogether, resulting in less maintenance, less noise and crucially, much lower emissions.

The Hybrid Power Pack turns an RTG into a hybrid crane, which operates just like a hybrid car. Whenever possible, the crane operates only on electricity, powered by an energy store. It takes the energy generated during braking and converts it into electricity to recharge the batteries.

The other option from Konecranes, the Diesel Fuel Saver, ensures that diesel constantly runs at maximum efficiency at all operating points. It is estimated that, compared to conventional diesel engine operation, tens of thousands of euros per RTG can be saved annually.

The fully electric options, the Cable Reel and Busbar, as well as reducing emissions and noise, require no downtime for refuelling.

The new technology means ports can minimize noise pollution to the residents living near a port and reduce air and noise pollution to those working at the port.

These latest developments show the market responding to the threat of climate change and preparing for potential legislation in the near future that, globally, will continue to change what are acceptable emission levels. The way fuel is consumed will, no doubt, continue to be reformed.

  Container Handling, Rubber-Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTGs), Environment