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A Future with No More Empty Containers

One of the biggest challenges the port and shipping industry collectively faces is the repositioning of empty containers, with 24.1% of the total container transport volume empty units, which equates to 150 21,000 TEU vessels sailing non-stop for a whole year, yet three shipping industry experts believe they have found the solution.

The new solution promises huge multimillion savings in revenue, as well as being much more environmentally friendly.

This solution is the ‘Connectainer’; a new 20’ container that can be joined to another Connectainer to form a 40’ container.

Francisco Aguilar of Connectainer explains: “Any 40’ can be disconnected to form 2×20’. And this easy operation can be done in 30 minutes by two smooth operators.

“Connectainer is water tight, structurally resistant, and keeps the internal and external dimensions of present containers, and it is compatible with multimodal transportation.

“Lines even don’t need to replace all their stock; we’re just talking of avoiding 12% of worldwide moves. Bearing in mind each connection/disconnection avoids three empty moves, 10% of Connectainers in stock will be enough, even considering seasonal accumulation of stocks in some areas.”

The Connectainer looks to afford ports and terminals, as well as shippers and freight forwards, the opportunity to attain more creative freedom in how goods are boxed, thereby better utilising space.

The solution could be the long awaited solution to mass congestion, yet most interestingly it could also be an interesting makeweight in the much-needed dialogue between ports and liners, as they can conjoin to utilise a new technology to mutual advantage. 

Watch a video below articulating the Connectainer:


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