5 Awe-Inspiring Infographics


Infographics are a big source of social engagement and are a content marvel for publishers. Infographics have been extremely popular for PTI in 2015, and have helped to generate a significant amount of traffic.

PTI presents to you the top 5 infographics that have captivated audiences over the last year and continue to be relevant in today’s industry.

  1. Stunning MSC Oscar Comparison

This infographic depicts the size of the MSC Oscar which is currently the largest containership alongside the MSC Zoe and Oliver. In the infographic, comparisons are made between both air and truck transport, showing how many of each vehicle would be needed to transport the 19,224 containers on the ship.

  1. Carriers’ Fleet Size in TEU

As one of PTI’s most popular infographics, this image shows the percentage share of global trade in terms of fleet capacity. Maersk are shown as having the higher share, at over 15%, which accounts for more than three million TEU of the global shipping fleet. The top 10 shipping lines currently operate 60% of containerised trade.

  1. 50 Years of Containership Growth

The evolution of containership sizes has been noted; however, the sheer rate of growth was not immediately apparent until this infographic was released by Allianz. In the last 10 years, ship sizes have almost doubled and are set to increase even more – evidenced by OOCL’s recent order for 21,150 TEU ships.

  1. The Global Shipping Fleet

Providing a holistic snapshot of the shipping industry, this graphic shows the extent of commercial shipping, with more than 89,000 ships currently in commercial use. The infographic also shows global ownership of commercial vessels by country and the size of total ship growth for 2015.

  1. Global Berth Productivity

Improved berth productivity is something that ports globally are fighting to achieve, often under the demands placed on them by global shipping lines, who want more than 6,000 container moves per hour, against the current amount of more than 3,500. This graphic shows the countries and regions with the highest berth productivity, with China taking the lead.

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