3 Ways to Optimise Your Port

 22 Sep 2015     Automation and Optimisation , Cargo Volumes and Throughput, Container Handling, Automation Systems, Environment , Finance, Going Places, Mega Ship Ready, Port Governance, Port Planning, Ports, PTI Multimedia

PTI has interviewed port industry guru and Director of simulation and emulation specialist TBA Dr Yvo Saanen, asking him to outline 3 practices the contemporary port can employ in order to optimise its operations.

This video interview is Part 2 of a popular previous video in which highlighted the burgeoning automated terminal and how its increasing prominence is evolving the landscape of port and terminal operations.

For an in-depth look at how Dr Saanen argues for completing training ‘Confucian style’, read a Technical Paper written by him here.

To discover the 3 practices your port can employ to optimise your operations, watch the interview below: