$3.6 Million Invested in Attack-Resilient Port Traffic

 11 Sep 2017 12.36pm

A group of Dutch, German and Swiss freight players have plans to use digital solutions to ensure higher efficiency of inland container shipping throughout the supply chain to Rotterdam.

This has come as the result of waiting times for barge traffic rising to above average and a cyber-attack on two terminals meaning very few containers could be loaded or unloaded for over a week.

A meeting with the Port of Rotterdam Authority the week of September 4, 2017 outlined plans and was attended by representatives of shippers, freight forwarders, barge operators, inland terminals, container terminal operators and shipping lines.

Plans include working on a link between the container terminals to enable up-front container swapping and digital solutions to improve better insight into the availability of inland shipping capacity, matching cargo and capacity to one another.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority has agreed to facilitate these plans, making $3.6 million available to fund initiatives from the market that could make a contribution in the short term.

Further elaboration of these discussions will take place in the next meeting, scheduled for November.

Allard Castelein, CEO of Port of Rotterdam Authority: “I am delighted that today we have had a very positive and constructive discussion with all organizations involved. It gives us great hope to note that there is a willingness among organizations to continue to put the importance of fast and efficient handling first in the changing and competitive container market.

It is essential for everyone involved to realise that container handling benefits from a smooth-running logistics chain.”

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