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ShibataFenderTeam Group

Customized Fender Solutions for the Maritime Industry


The ShibataFenderTeam Group is the leading international fender manufacturer with 50+ years of group experience in fender production, +100,000 fenders in service, and 90+ years of experience in the production of rubber products. Shibata Industrial, headquartered in Japan, is responsible for rubber production and R&D, generating a revenue of about 120 million USD with +360 employees in Japan. ShibataFenderTeam, headquartered in Germany, handles design, manufacturing (steel, foam, PE) and international sales, generating a revenue of about 55 million USD with their +80 employees around the world. The SFT Group offers consulting, engineering, manufacturing, after sales service and testing. Our regional offices facilitate the local contact to customers and are located in the US, Malaysia, Spain and The Netherlands. They are supported by a large network of well-established local representatives on six continents. Direct contact between all our employees and partners plays a vital role in our group’s development.


Providing safety critical fender systems, the ShibataFenderTeam Group has a strong focus on manufacturing all major components inhouse, ensuring highest quality and reliability at our own production facilities in Europe and Asia. Our experience has earned us a reputation as a dependable partner in the international ports, harbors and waterways market.


Overview of our wide product range and fender sizes. For more information and special products,

please visit our website at

  • Molded and Extruded Rubber Fender units up to single weights of 18.5 t
  • Foam Fenders with diameters up to 4.5 m and 10 m long
  • Buoys for various applications up to 4.5 m diameter
  • Pneumatic Fenders with diameters up to 3.3 m and 9.0 m long
  • HD-PE Sliding Fenders up to 300 mm x 300 mm cross-section and 6 m long
  • Steel constructions with single unit weights up to 30 t
  • Many special products for marine applications which exploit our knowledge of rubber, steel, polyurethane and polyethylene.


Company History

Our mother company Shibata Industrial was founded in 1923 for the production of rubber products. Therefore we can look back to more than 50 years’ expierence in fender productions. ShibataFenderTeam’s success story started in 2006 with one office in Germany. Now the ShibataFenderTeam Group has six offices worldwide (Germany founded in 2006, USA established in 2009, Malaysia founded in 2016, Spain established in 2017 and The Netherlands founded in 2019) and production facilities in Germany, Malaysia and Japan. The SFT Group has established a large network of local experts on all six continents with whom the Group has established long and trustful relationships. With Shibata Industrial, the Group has a strong and experienced partner who has been a pioneer in fender design and manufacturing.

With an impressive track record and a reliable industry reputation, the ShibataFenderTeam Group is the leading international fender manufacturer.


Company Values

To fulfill the demands of tomorrow, we must keep moving, just like ships keep moving through our clients’ ports. We aim to be the first reference for ports and construction companies for high quality fenders and fender systems.

What makes us special:

Persistence – We are not only persistent when it comes to efficiently processing your orders. We are also persistent when it comes to the stringent QC processes within our production facilities to ensure customer satisfaction – every day with every order.

Protection – Safety is our mission. We deliver safety critical products to protect people, ships, and port infrastructure. No doubt that quality, testing, and safety are of the highest importance in our group.

Partnership – We are your partner throughout the entire project- from the first contact with us to signing off on the installed fender systems, we are on your side along the way. Extensive design consulting at an early project stage and a dedicated personal contact in the company are only some of the benefits you can expect.

Presence – With a global presence of offices and a large network of well-established local representatives on six continents, we offer international support and contact while being your local and reliable partner. We constantly reach out to extend our global agent network and to intensify cooperation with our local representatives.


A cooperation with ShibataFenderTeam stands for

Shibata – A pioneer in fender design and manufacturing for over 50 years with one of the industries longest proven track record in fender supply.

Fender – We are specialists in the design, manufacture, and sale of fenders and fender systems.

Team – Our international team of fender specialists and partners all share a close cooperation and mutual respect for each other. We also consider our clients as an important part of the team.

Contact Details

ShibataFenderTeam AG
Tarpen 40
Haus 1b
Nadine Pape
Junior Marketing Manager
+49 (0)40 63 86 10 – 196

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