Mission Critical Port Connectivity


Rajant Corporation is the exclusive provider of private Kinetic Mesh® wireless networks designed to thrive in mobility-driven industrial environments – “living” mesh networks that move with and adapt to diverse and evolving connectivity demands. The self-healing, peer-to-peer mesh networks enable anytime, anywhere connectivity allowing people and assets to move and communicate simultaneously while maintaining real-time access to vital information and applications. Kinetic Mesh networks support Wi-Fi and use Ethernet for easy integration with satellite, fiber, cellular, LTE and other fixed wireless configurations.  Military-grade security provides robust mesh network protection against malicious attacks without degrading network performance. With significant performance gains over traditional mesh and fixed wireless technologies, Rajant is quickly becoming the mobile wireless network of choice for mission critical networks that require all assets – fixed and mobile – to be connected and transmitting reliably 24/7.

As modern port terminal and logistics facilities try to keep pace with the growing container traffic and security concerns, the demand for always-on and highly reliable network communications becomes paramount.   The communications requirements to support the conglomeration of ships, cargo, heavy equipment, truck fleets, and personnel traversing port environments require a mobile infrastructure that is both scalable and reliable with high bandwidth and low latency to ensure that communications are real-time and can impact improve productivity while streamlining operations.  The growth in autonomous equipment including UAVs and UGVs, increased safety protocols, Wi-Fi asset tracking, edge applications, and advanced surveillance systems place greater demands on communications.  With a no single point of failure platform, Kinetic Mesh networks are deployed worldwide and customers are experiencing the benefits of our InstaMesh® proprietary software to deliver an unparalleled level of wireless performance in the industrial marketplace.

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