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Vessel Scheduling for Ports and Terminals


Cirrus Logistics provides ports and terminals with applications and services that optimise the vessel call process, increase terminal throughput, and make the best use of available infrastructure and resources.

Jetty and Berth Scheduling; optimisation and simulation applications help manage the efficient flow of vessels through the port. Cirrus supports the scheduler by taking into consideration the maritime, safety, manpower and equipment requirements for each vessel call. KPIs can be monitored and built into the scheduling algorithms to ensure the impact of every vessel movement is understood, enabling waiting times and vessel turnaround times to be reduced.

Terminal and warehousing layout; our spatially aware applications assist in the designing of the terminal layout, warehouses and roadways, helping to minimising congestion and balance resourcing requirements to achieve the desired throughput. Facilities can be quickly designed and modelled, the results and benefits compared and analysed supported by 2D and 3D visualisation.

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9a Cedarwood Chineham Business Park
Crockford Lane
RG24 8WD
Simon Shore
+44 (0)1253 602920

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