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Cable Factory BITNER has been operating on the cable and wire market since 1996. Nowadays we offer over 40,000 items divided into several cable groups and our extensive product portfolio enables us to handle a wide range of investments in a comprehensive way. We have been improving production processes and developing wareho­use premises concomitantly relying on solid knowledge, well-established practical experience and up-to-date technologies since Cable Factory BITNER was established. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and our cables comply with required national/international standards.

Cable Factory BITNER delivers full range of flexible cables for container and bulk material handling systems in ports:

BiTcrane® – LV and MV reeling cables for cranes and material handling devices.
BiTcrane® FESTOON – round and flat screened / unscreened cables for festoon systems.
BiTcrane® SPREADER – reeling cable for vertical drum-spreader systems.
BiTcrane® BASKET SPREADER – reeling cable for container cranes with gravity-fed basket collectors.
BiTfiber® CRANE – heavy duty, rubber/PUR reeling cable for optical signal and data transmission.
BiTfiber® FESTOON – heavy duty, rubber/PUR festoon cable for optical signal and data transmission.
BiTcrane® SHORE POWER – cables for High Voltage Shore Connection (HVSC) systems.
BiTflex® – for slow moving Offshore-Power-Systems: energy chains or reeling operation.

Our products are based on proven design solutions, effective production process and long-term tests enabling examination of the running and service characteristics under different kinds of mechanical stress arising during operation of cables in natural conditions.

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Cable Factory BITNER
Zakłady Kablowe BITNER Sp. z o.o.
30-009 Kraków
3/3 Józefa Friedleina Street
Tel.: +48 12 389 40 24 ext. 390-398, 374

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