High-power LED Floodlights


AAA-LUX: Setting the Standard

AAA-LUX designs, develops and supplies high-power LED floodlights for large areas and sports facilities. The luminaires and light control management system combine the new technologies and components that are about to change the use and perception of light forever.

When people and assets are spread over a large area, only lighting of the highest standard assures their safety and security. Employees who feel comfortable and safe in their workspace deliver higher productivity.

AAA-LUX high-power LED floodlights and Wireless Lighting Control Management Systems (LCMS) allow end-users to decide when, where and how much illumination they require.

Owners and operators of sports facilities have full control over the flexible system, which enables them to dim illumination levels without making a concession to uniformity and quality. This flexible use also contributes to improving relationships with stakeholders (e.g. neighbours, flora and fauna) as energy consumption and light pollution is reduced.

Making the benchmark become the standard!

• AAA-LUX identifies a niche in the market and starts to design and develop high-power LED

• AAA-LUX introduces retrofit luminaires as a one-on-one replacement for conventional 2.2 kW luminaires

• Wireless solution introduced to control AAA-LUX luminaires for sports.

• Kiwa ISA-Sport approves AAA-LUX floodlights for illuminating sports fields.

• Invitation accepted to produce a LED solution to illuminate aprons at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.
• Introduction of a multidirectional LED floodlight (360 degrees) that uses only one luminaire.

• Installs remote control system for a project in Malta that can be managed from the Netherlands

• Illuminates the 2013 European Hockey Championship
• Installation at the stadium of the Belgium Football League Club Hoogstraten FC
• Milestone of 200 LED floodlight projects achieved

• Accepted by a government run agency to illuminate a railway marshalling yard in the Port of Rotterdam

• Achieves sufficient lighting from 45 m height at the Rietlanden Terminal in the Port of Amsterdam

• 2012 P&O Nedloyd, Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands
• 2013 Maasvlakte II, Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands
• 2014 Rietlanden Coal Terminal, Port of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• 2014 Container terminal, Port of Beira, Mozambique
• 2015 Container terminal, Port of Cape Town, South Africa
• 2015 Container terminal, Port of Oranjestad, Aruba

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BJ Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Michel van Dooren

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