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TGI Maritime Software

Smart solutions built for small to medium terminals


As a software editor and integrator in the maritime industry, we have been providing  smart solutions for terminals and custom maritime software to fit your specific needs. With our three configurable key products, OSCARMARCO and TGIBOX, our goal is to simplify your cargo operations, solve your logistics challenges and increase your productivity.

OSCAR, is a Terminal Operating System (TOS) for container and roro terminals. Delivered with an integrated module, OSCAR allows exchanges with all your partners  per standard formats or on your specifications. All the incoming data are easily integrated in OSCAR and others directly transmitted inside and outside the terminal. Thanks to OSCAR, streamline Container Handling Equipment’s (CHE) activities, access to a multi-criteria dashboard  in order to monitor operations effectively and easily step in the roll of missions. You can optimize containers allocations on yard using rules adapted to your business  and manage yard, containers and container handling equipment’s on a map at scale and in real-time. As a result of planning and forecasting, our solution allows you to optimize CHE assignment’s for all your land and sea operations.

Installable and customizable in several types of Container Handling Equipment, in different industrial environments, and with the TOS of your choice, TGIBOX provides you reliably and precisely, the position of handled containers. How does it work ? A central TGIBOX communicates in real time with each TGIBOX in CHE to get the DGPS position of each container at the time of locking and unlocking move. This data is converted into yard position and transmitted to your Terminal Operating System. Data format is configurable and allows information transmission to the software of your choice.

Used in many ports worldwide, MARCO is a financial analysis software and a decision support system for stevedores and consignees. Thanks to its analytical accounting structure, MARCO allows you to analyze margins according to your operational breakdown structure in order to optimize your business.  MARCO ensures automatic invoicing and internal and external cost management. By comparing revenues and costs, at the operational level of details you want, MARCO allows you to optimize your production capacity and your gross profit margin. MARCO also guarantees a follow up and planning of your Human Ressources. To ensure you make wise planning decisions, our solution takes into consideration availabilities and qualifications of your professional staff and specific constraints linked to their contracts. Information related to variable pay elements are included and directly integrated in your dedicated software.


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