5G, AI, ML & Exponential Tech

Port Technology is proud to release Edition 83, an exclusive e-Journal with papers from Deloitte, the Port of Hamburg, Telefonica and INFORM, amongst others, focusing on the incoming impact of 5G, AI and machine learning (ML).

PTI Editor Richard Joy said: “This is an amazing area for us to focus on given the huge implications of 5G.

“5G technology really is the precursor to smart ports, advanced AI and the smart city of the future. To have some of the biggest names in the supply chain and telecoms writing on this is great for the sector.”

The papers in this edition are: 

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Port-Centric Logistics

Edition 82 focuses on port-centric logistics, a field that has become increasingly referenced in an age of end-to-end supply chains and digital, interacting ports.

PTI Editor Richard Joy said: “Port-centric logistics is a field that started to gain serious traction in 2018, and while the field hadn’t been established from an academic point-of-view, we had many high-level experts informing us this is a key area for the modern port.

“Since then I’ve been interacting with various figures on the topic, culminating in this e-Journal.

“We’re pleased to offer a rather holistic panorama in this edition, with papers from representatives of ports, port authorities, major operators, and academics.”

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Terminal Automation Design

Edition 81 focuses on port terminal automation design and is the first ever PTI edition to feature video optimized papers! The edition marks the beginning of a new era for PTI, and publishing within the maritime sector in general, as readers can now access a raft of content that is built into technical papers. Such content in the papers in Edition 81 includes prevalent video and pertinent links to prior author papers, news, developments in the industry and relevant supplier pages.

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Ports of the Future

This edition of The Journal of Ports & Terminals sees the world’s leading smart ports articulate their operations, practices and plans for the future in order to show what makes them the world’s leading digital ports. The edition also features insight into a variety of key topics and includes DP World, ABB, Navis, Accenture and a host of leading academics.

Smart Ports & Supply Chains

The supply chain is altering to fit a smarter future; technologies once perceived as threats are quickly becoming opportunities. This edition explores beyond the port to inform its readership about the incoming changes that will evolve ports into ‘smart’ nodes.

Linking the Supply Chain

The modern port has to think beyond its immediate sphere in order to countenance the supply chain of the future, and this edition has a bumper Intelligent Supply Chain section so terminal executives can gain key insight into the wider supply chain

AI & Intelligence

PTI Edition 77 sees the launch of three new subsections of the Automation Section: Artificial Intelligence, Automated Intelligence, and Supply Chain Intelligence. This edition forms the academic underpinning of the PTI CTAC 2018 Conference

Cyber Risk & Security

PTI Edition 76: Cyber Risk & Security. This edition looks at the growing call for improved cybersecurity in ports and terminals.

Mega-Ports & Mega-Terminals

PTI Edition 75: Mega-Ports & Mega-Terminals. This edition looks at the rapid expansion and digitization of ports to handle mega-ships.

AI & Automation

PTI Edition 74: AI & Automation. This editions looks at the burgeoning ability of AI and what that means for society, workers and the global supply chain.