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Strengthening the Supply Chain

The supply chain is evolving, and the current COVID-19 pandemic is putting it under more pressure than it ever has been before.

It is therefore imperative that ports and the entire logistics chain is as efficient and flexible as it can possibly be.

One thing that many within the port and maritime industry have agreed upon is that this crisis will accelerate the adoption of new technologies throughout the supply chain.

Blockchain for instance has been touted as a key technology that could fix the disconnect that has been revealed because of the COVID-19 crisis, this according to the World Economic Forum.

The opportunity for innovation now extends beyond the port and in this e-Journal we explore how rail can play its part in meeting new customer demands, what TradeLens can offer the likes of the mega supply chain in India, and how the Port of Rotterdam leads the way in connecting ports across the globe.

In addition, A.P. Moeller-Maersk provides an evaluation of how its Intercontinental Rail Service is providing customers another logistics platform for the movement of freight beyond the port.

Papers in this edition:

Smart Port as a Service

Although maritime transport has not traditionally been a pioneering sector in the adoption of new technologies, on this occasion it is not alien to this global reality

Bringing Bulk Operations into the Modern Age

Speaking to Port Technology International, Roger Clasquin, Chief Commercial Officer, RAK Ports, described the needs of a modern port specializing in break bulk, the effects of COVID-19 on the port and what the future holds for the location

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