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Port-Centric Logistics

Edition 82 focuses on port-centric logistics, a field that has become increasingly referenced in an age of end-to-end supply chains and digital, interacting ports.

PTI Editor Richard Joy said: “Port-centric logistics is a field that started to gain serious traction in 2018, and while the field hadn’t been established from an academic point-of-view, we had many high-level experts informing us this is a key area for the modern port.

“Since then I’ve been interacting with various figures on the topic, culminating in this e-Journal.

“We’re pleased to offer a rather holistic panorama in this edition, with papers from representatives of ports, port authorities, major operators, and academics.”

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Papers in this edition:

Port-Centric Logistics: Enabling Smarter Trade

In this paper, Rashid Abdulla, CEO of DP World Europe & Russia, outlines how DP World are utilising port-centric logistics to maintain its position as a global leader in terminal operations

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