Edition Part 1

2038: A Smart Port Story


Port Technology is proud to announce the publication of 2038, A Smart Port Story: Part 1, a new novella taking place in a port of the future, by Dr Eva Savelsberg and Matthew Wittemeier of INFORM.

2038 envisions new ports taking the mantle of transhipment global giants due to new Arctic routes, AI bots managing whole terminals, and political and social skirmishes building in the backdrop of increased robotization – all in the winding narrative surrounding a fatality within a terminal.

The ‘anti-techs’, a seditious group with a hostile attitude toward technology, blame the AI bots, while the terminal search through their data to find out why, and how, a human even made his way onto terminal grounds which are now strictly reserved for bots only.

Has the security system been breached? Was it an inside job? Was it the bots? These are the questions the protagonist of the piece, INTERPOL official ‘Douglas’, must find answers to.


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