Vigan Engineering SA | Leaders in Bulk Cargo Handling

Vigan Engineering SA | Leaders in Bulk Cargo Handling

Located at the heart of the European Union, VIGAN ENGINEERING S.A. manufactures dry agribulk materials handling equipment:

·         Portable pneumatic conveyors (or grain pumps)

·         Pneumatic continuous barge and ship unloaders on gantry

·         Mechanical continuous ship unloaders

·         Mechanical loaders.


VIGAN capabilities also include complete turnkey projects planning, development, manufacturing and management for port terminal including ship unloading & loading, storage facilities and bagging operations.

Customer-oriented, VIGAN has developed its own state-of-the-art technologies such as multi-stage turbo-blowers, airlocks, Ni-hard elbow, suction nozzle, telescopic piping system, filters, dust-free loading spouts, galvanized boom with gangways, stairs and platforms.

With more than 1,200 machines sold throughout more than 80 countries over 42 years, including 180 large size equipment of several hundred metric tons handling capacity, VIGAN is a most  reliable and specialised company in its sector with a recognised international experience and know-how.

VIGAN’s start-to-finish customer service and the wide range of equipment – pneumatic and/or mechanical - along with the ability to manage complete turnkey projects such as Grain Terminals, have been rewarded by the prestigious IBJ Award 2011 in the “Best Ship Loading/Unloading System” category.

Mobile Portable Machines/Grain Pumps

Capacity:           100 - 250 tph Working mode: Suck and/or Blow Vessels: all sizes Many operating possibilities: >vessel <-> truck/train/conveyor >silo <-> truck/train/vessel >transhipment...

Pneumatic Barge Unloaders << Tower Type >>

Capacity:           160 - 600 tph Vessels: coasters and barges Many options: >capacity, rail/tires/stationary, customize dimensions (height/width), electrical/diesel engine, discharging, boom length,...

Pneumatic Continuous Ship Unloaders on Gantry: NIV Type

Capacity:           200 – up to 800 tph Vessels: all sizes Customised upon requirements: >Capacity, rail/tires/stationary, gantry dimensions (height/width), electrical motor and/or diesel...

Mechanical Continuous Ship Unloaders: SIMPORTER

Capacity:           600 – up to 1,500 tph Vessels: up to post-Panamax Twin-belt technology Main benefits: high capacity and efficiency, cost effectiveness (low energy consumption, low operational...

Mechanical Ship Loaders

Capacity:           up to 1,200 tph Vessels: all sizes Any type of cargo Customizable: capacity, rail/tires/stationary, gantry dimensions (height/width), rotating and/or telescopic boom length, telescopic...

Turnkey Projects

Complete grain terminals, which can include for instance: >    1 pneumatic NIV 600 tph >    1 mechanical SIMPORTER 1,000 tph >    Conveyors >    12 bagging stations (12 x...

VIGAN's Company Brochure

For an overview of VIGAN's products and activities

Ship Unloaders

Up to 1,200 tons per hour

Mobile & Portable Pneumatic Machines

Vacuvators & Grain Pumps

NIV - Continuous Ship Unloaders

Pneumatic on gantry from 200 up to 800 tons per hour

Simporter Mechanical Unloaders

Up to 1,500 tons per hour

Tower-Type Pneumatic Ship Unloaders

From 160 to 600 tons per hour

11 Missing in Philippine Ship Accident

  30 Nov 2015

The Philippines Coast Guard has confirmed 11 people missing after a Panama-flagged cargo ship entitled the MV Fortune Life sank in the South China Sea off the Philippines

Vigan contract for grain and fertilizer terminal in Pakistan

  10 Sep 2008

Nivelles, Belgium - Several companies have been awarded contracts on Pakistan's first dedicated Grain and Fertilizer Terminal project in Port Qasim (Karachi area). Vigan Engineering S.A. has been selected as a major supplier for the ship unloaders, the conveying and bagging equipment as well as for the flat storage for fertilizers.

Dust-free outloading in ports

  26 Aug 2008

Cimbria Moduflex has supplied dust free loading chutes to ports throughout the world, not the least to protect and improve the general environment and working conditions, but also to offer the port operators and terminals a safe and efficient outloading solution, taking into account that in most cases today ports are an integral part of the city and the surrounding landscape.

New grain and fertiliser terminal in Djibouti on the African East Coast

The Djibouti Republic is located in the Gulf of Aden north of Somalia and across from Yemen, all located at the southern end of the Red Sea between Africa and the Arabic Peninsula.

Cimbria Moduflex: a preferred supplier for dust-free outloading in ports

Cimbria Moduflex has supplied dust free loading chutes to ports throughout the world, not the least to protect and improve the general environment and working conditions, but also to offer the port operators and terminals a safe and efficient outloading solution, taking into account that in most cases today ports are an integral part of the city and the surrounding landscape.

A co-firing power plant produces more ecological energy with wood pellets

Wood pellets are transported to Electrabel plant by barges from var ious or igins, thanks to the excellent hinterland river and canal system in the Netherlands for bulk transport. Nevertheless, the discharge of such volume for a key sector requesting 24-hours-a-day reliability requires the highest quality and the most efficient operational performances. Vigan Engineering S.A. was selected to manufacture and to install the pneumatic unloader...

Vigan Engineering 

Rue de l'Industrie 16 BE-1
400 Nivelles 

Contact Name: Mr Nicolas Dechamps (Managing Director)

Phone : + 32 67 89 50 41


VIGAN’s on the move - September 2012

Since 1967, VIGAN Engineering S.A. has been designing and manufacturing portable pneumatic unloaders, commonly called ‘mobiles’ or ‘grain pumps’.

Vigan's Simporter ideal for very high capacity installations - August 2012

Vigan mechanical Simporter unloader has been designed to meet very high capacity needs. It is able to discharge at rates of up to 1,500 metric tonnes per hour, and is particularly suitable for large bulk carriers up to post-Panamax when annual intake usually exceeds 1 million tonnes.

Handling bauxite & alumina - July 2012

Up-to-date handling technologies for alumina are a major concern in many ports, not only to achieve low operational costs for the vessel unloading, but also for the protection of the environment.

VIGAN stays on top of dust control issues in dry bulk shiploading - June 2012

Historically VIGAN started manufacturing portable grain pumps to convey cargo, for instance from ship to trucks/quay conveyors and vice versa, to load and/or unload silos or flat warehouses, etc . The company extended its range of equipment with continuous ship unloaders (CSUs) on gantry (pneumatic and mechanical), and mechanical shiploaders.

Bioenergy transport & logistics - Can pneumatic unloaders provide a faster and more efficient way to move wood pellets? - June 2012

An increasing demand for wood pellets from European utilities has seen wood pellet exports from North America reach a record high. In 2011, over 2 million tonnes were shipped to Europe; a 300% rise from 2008, according to a report from Wood Resources International.

Clearing the air - using pneumatic systems to move bulk material - May 2012

VIGAN Engineering S.A. is a Belgian company located in Nivelles industrial area, about 30km south of Brussels, at the heart of the European Union. The company designs and manufactures port equipment for dry bulk handling, and is a noted expert in pneumatic bulk handling technology.

Port Authority of Santa Marta reduces time by 60 percent. May 2012

The Port Authority of Santa Marta (Colombia) set a record in the port operations of the country, taking only 46 hours to unload 28,000 tons of corn.

VIGAN expertise for wood pellet unloading - A co-firing power plant produces more ecological energy with wood pellets - May 2012

Alternative and renewable sources of energy are a major concern, not only due to limited resources of fossil origin but also within the context of worldwide efforts against gas emissions. New power plants, as well as some existing energy producers, are upgrading their existing technologies with the latest innovations in order to fulfill their legal obligations of protecting the environment while containing costs.

VIGAN Wears Seven-League Boots - December, 2011

VIGAN manufactures a complete range of pneumatic and mechanical equipment including ship unloaders and loaders and complete turnkey projects for port terminals

Pneumatic Or Mechanical Unloaders For Grain - October, 2011

The ever growing markets for grain including non-food and feed utilisation underline the importance of grain transportation and handling

VIGAN Barge Unloading Technology - July, 2011

VIGAN barge unloading technology helps keep trucks off the road

South America Represents Fertile Sales Region For VIGAN - June, 2011

Grains handling specialist VIGAN has been very active in Central and South America for many years, with much of its equipment sold to the region

Sales Remain Buoyant For VIGAN Pneumatic Equipment - May, 2011

Good sales for VIGAN in 2010, with equipment sold to Egypt, Greece, France, Vietnam, Pakistan, the Ukraine, Nigeria, South Africa, Myanmar, Syria and Colombia

VIGAN Order Book Remains Healthy - May, 2011

Good sales for VIGAN in 2010 and good range of orders received for 2011

VIGAN Expertise For Wood Pellets Unloading - May, 2011

A co-firing power plant produces more ecological energy with wood pellets

Busy Time For Belgian Equipment Manufacturer - November, 2010

Bulk handling giant VIGAN remains very busy with a range of projects

Dry Bulk in Belgium - August 2010

Belgium-based VIGAN Engineering S.A. is more than a ship loaders/unloaders manufacturer, but a global solution provider for port development projects.

Pneumatic Expertise Integral Part Of Handling Systems For Power Plant - May, 2010

Alternative and renewable sources of energy a major concern not only due to limited fossil fuel resources, but also within the context of the worldwide efforts to limit gas emissions

VIGAN Jet Slinger For Large Vessel Loading - April, 2011

VIGAN has developed a ‘jet slinger’ device which is fitted to the bottom of loading pipes to facilitate the loading of large vessels

VIGAN Reports On Recent Loader And Unloader Activity

Belgian Equipment manufacturer VIGAN manufactures a range of bulk materials handling systems, including mobile pneumatic continuous ship unloaders for vessels up to post-Panamax size, mechanical loaders for any size of ship, complete storage systems in ports and the agricultural industries

Good Year For VIGAN Despite Downturn

Major CSU manufacturer VIGAN SA is continuing to find customers for its continuous ship unloaders, despite the economic situation of the last eighteen months

Delivering products and services for Dry Bulk & Specialist Cargo Handling, Dry Bulk & Specialist Cargo Handling, Loaders/Unloaders.

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