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Tsubaki KabelSchlepp specializes in providing standard and custom dynamic cable and hose carrier systems for all types and sizes of cranes. Tsubaki KabelSchlepp has been a pioneer in dynamic cable and hose carrier systems ever since we developed the first dynamic cable carrier back in 1954. We have a full line of cable carriers in just about every imaginable material configuration to insure that the customer always gets the perfect dynamic cable carrier for their specific application.

Dynamic Cable and Hose Carrier Systems for Port Applications

Roller Supported Chain (RSC System)

The Roller Supported Chain System (RSC) offers many advantages over traditional cable carriers and festoon systems in long travel crane and port applications. Just some of many advantages would be: 90% less tension and thrust compared to traditional...

Varitrak M Series Cable Carrier

The robust Varitak M series dynamic cable carrier has proven itself as the perfect cable carrier for demanding port applications. With its wide selection of crossbar options this dynamic cable carrier can always be configured to insure maximum...

Traxline Cables for use in Dynamic Cable Carriers

The Traxline family of continuous-flex cables from Tsubaki KabelSchlepp have been specially developed for use in dynamic cable and hose carriers. The Traxline family of cables have distinguished themselves for high reliability and performance...

Clutches & Backstops

Tsubaki Cam Clutches are used widely in RTG cranes in the container anti-sway mechanism. Tsubaki offers special models for precise engagement and long life, thereby increasing available operating time and reducing down time.

Power Cylinders

Tsubaki Power Cylinders are all-electric linear actuators that can be run with simple wiring - there is no need to run expensive hydraulic lines to power them. The benefits of no oil leaks, lower energy costs and clean operations are driving...

Drive Chains

Tsubaki drive chains, including Roller Chains, heavy duty Super Chains, and Leaf Chains, can be found in port facilities around the world because they offer the best in chain performance. Port operators use Tsubaki drive systems because their...

Tsubaki Explains the Science behind Crane Cable Carriers

Peter Sebastian Pütz, Head of Crane Business, Business Development, Tsubaki Kabelschlepp GmbH, explains why cable carriers are used, which type is most popular, the technological development that Tsubaki is undertaking, and the future of crane electrification.

Divisional Product Guide

Tsubaki is bringing over 50 years of global experience in the design and manufacture of clutch products to the Americas.

Power and Performance for the Port Industry

Time is money in the port industry, and every delay means less profit.

Innovative Solutions for the Crane Industry

Tsubaki KabelSchlepp develops customized solutions for cable carrier systems in cranes.

Cables for Motion

Our product portfolio covers more than 100,000 variants made of steel and plastic, allowing us to deliver a suitable and reliable cable carrier for every application – from standard off-the-shelf products to custom-designed complete solutions.

Quick Reference Guide

The Tsubaki KabelSchlepp cable offerings include a wide range of cables to fit your specific application needs.

DNV GL Launches Remote Inspection Service

  12 Mar 2019

DNV GL, a leading classification society, has announced that all DNV GL classed vessels will now be able to utilize remote surveys for some inspections

Tsubaki Delivers Optimized Maintenance Solution

  05 Mar 2019

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp, a specialist in cable carrier solutions, has provided an overview as to how it is supporting preventive maintenance

PTI Edition 79: Smart Ports and Supply Chain Technologies

  19 Sep 2018

Port Technology's latest edition of the journal is now available online and in print.

Tsubaki Introduce New Manual

  09 Aug 2018

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp has introduced a new catalogue concept, offering compact knowledge on its portfolio of cable carrier products

Top 10 Port Technology Videos of 2017

  21 Dec 2017

Digitalization, automation and terminal evolution are just some of the topics that Port Technology has covered in interviews with a range of experts

Tsubaki Launches Master Cable Carrier

  26 Sep 2017

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp has developed new master cable carriers LE60/LE80 with a redesigned divider system

Unique Tsubaki Design Fills Gap in Cable Carrier Market

  27 Jul 2017

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp has developed a new TKHD series of cable carriers for long travel lengths in crane industries such as bulk handling

Tsubaki Unveils Crane Cable Carrier Technology

  19 Jul 2017

Peter Sebastian Pütz, Head of Crane Business, Business Development, Tsubaki Kabelschlepp GmbH, has explained why crane cable carriers are vital to the operations of ports and terminals

Friday Focus: TOC Europe 2017 Exhibitor Highlights

  07 Jul 2017

Port Technology visited Tratos, Cavotec, Konecranes, Vahle, 1-Stop Connections, Conductix-Wampfler Group, Navis, Cargotec, Tsubaki Kabelschlepp GmbH and Kalmar at TOC Europe 2017

New Easy Guide System for Crane Cable Carriers

  06 Jun 2017

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp has developed the Easy Guide System, a new channel system for guiding cable carriers for standard cranes, that stops loose festoon loops on equipment such as workshop cranes with cable carriers

Roller Supported Cable Carrier System: Efficient Container Crane Operation

Ship-to-shore (STS) loading systems form a bridge between container ships and port facilities to allow easy loading and unloading of cargo hold.

How Safe Are Your Cables?

The RSC system has been specifically designed to solve cable management needs within the port crane industry. Traditional methods of cable management on port cranes has generally been handled with festoon systems or increasing more often with standard cable carriers

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