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Trelleborg Marine Systems

Better connected systems mean faster turnaround and increased throughput, improved safety and lower operating costs. Connecting decades of experience with a new, smarter approach to port and terminal equipment optimization, Trelleborg’s marine systems operation helps ports and terminals deploy smart, engineered solutions to optimize the critical interface between port and vessel. This enables better informed real-time and strategic decision making, for both parties.

From port and vessel owners and operators to consulting engineers, Trelleborg works with customers to determine best fit solutions for specific applications, and supply a fully integrated solution. End-to-end service and a comprehensive product portfolio meet and exceed customer needs, enhancing safety and improving efficiency in all marine environments, from conception to completion and beyond. 
Trelleborg’s marine systems operation manufactures and installs bespoke marine fenders, ship-shore links, ship performance monitoring, docking & mooring and navigation & piloting for marine environments all over the world. Its polymer engineering expertise also extends to its range of general marine products, including navigation aids and buoys

Marine Fenders - Super Cone Fenders

Trelleborg's Super Cone Fenders (SCN) are the latest generation of 'cell' fenders, with optimal performance and efficiency.  The conical body shape makes the SCN very stable even at large compression angles, and provides excellent...

SCK Cell Fenders

SCK Cell Fenders have a very long track record and remain popular because of their simplicity, high performance and strength. Trelleborg's Cell Fenders come in a wide range of standard sizes and are interchangeable with many older marine...

Slide in, Slide out Fender Systems

Utilizing removable sliding panels, the patented ‘Slide In, Slide Out’ (SISO) fender system has been designed to significantly reduce the time and effort taken to complete a fender wear pad change-out.  Unlike traditional fender...


SeaGuard fenders work equally well in harbors or between vessels. Low hull pressures protect soft-skinned ships. Trelleborg's SeaGuard combines a durable, non-marking finish with low maintenance. SeaGuard fenders can be deployed floated or...

Chain Tire Net HALO Fenders

HALO fenders is a premium pneumatic fender solution with market leading service and support from Trelleborg and Teekay.   The ISO 17357:2014 compliant chain-tire net pneumatic fender (CTN) is a lattice of used tires connected by a network...

Sling-Type HALO Fenders

The ISO 17357:2014 compliant sling or hook type pneumatic fenders come without the Chain-Tyre Net and ring shackles.   A lifting eye is fitted to each end and the fender is slung by chain or wire rope. Sling type fenders are available...

Tug Fenders

Tug fenders must work harder, for longer and under more extreme conditions than any other fender type. Tug vessels use fenders as bumpers to move larger vessels, so they are constantly being pushed against steel surfaces which cause the fender...

SmartMoor Quick Release Hooks

Field proven since 1972 and installed in over 500 mooring facilities worldwide, Trelleborg’s SmartMoor Quick Release Hooks (QRH) are the foundation for today’s modern mooring systems, delivering improved safety and mooring security...


AutoMoor is a rope-free, automated mooring system. Created for efficiency and safety, AutoMoor uses the latest vacuum technology to rapidly attach to and secure a vessel at berth, and is suitable for a range of environmental and berthing conditions. ...

SmartDock Docking Aid System

Trelleborg’s SmartDock® provides vital information such as distances, angles and speeds to pilots and jetty operators to ensure the vessel is safely docked, significantly reducing the risk of damage from collision between the ship and...

Meteorological Monitoring Systems

Terminals are typically designed and operated with set limits for environmental conditions to ensure safety of the vessel and the terminal. Real-time meteorological data and trends assist operators in maximizing their berth’s operating...

Meteorological Monitoring Systems

Terminals are typically designed and operated with set limits for MetOcean conditions to ensure safety of the vessel and the terminal. Real-time MetOcean data and trends assist operators in maximizing their berth’s operating window by providing...

SafePilot CAT ROT

The SafePilot CAT ROT is a small and compact pilot unit primarily designed to connect to a ship's AIS pilot plug and transmit data via Wi-Fi to the Pilot’s tablet/notebook.  AIS is primarily intended for information, but not navigation....

SafePilot Piloting Software

The SafePilot Piloting Software is a professional piloting/navigation iOS based software that is developed in collaboration with marine pilots worldwide.  Known for its intuitive ease of use, the SafePilot Software utilizes touch screen...

SafePilot Port Server

SafePilot Port Server offers an overview of planned as well as ongoing port and piloting operations by intelligently integrating relevant schedules and systems - from simple real-time traffic overview based on AIS, to remote monitoring and electronic...

Emergency Shutdown Link

The transfer of hazardous liquids between ship and shore necessitates the use of Emergency Shutdown Link (ESL) systems. Trelleborg Marine Systems has developed its ESL for LPG, ethane, oil and chemical gas transfer operations, offering a reliable...

Integrated Ship-Shore Link and Emergency Shutdown System

As the leading global supplier of Ship-Shore Link technology with 500 systems installed worldwide, we have now combined our industry standard Ship-Shore Link (SSL) with a newly developed Emergency Shut-Down System (ESDS) into a single space-saving...

Ship-Shore Link

Trelleborg's marine systems operation has a proven track record in the development of specialist systems for the marine industry worldwide. We have supplied Ship-Shore Link (SSL) systems since 1996 and we are the leading supplier throughout...

Universal Safety Link

LNG is increasingly being used as a marine fuel because of its clean burning properties (enabling emission control compliance) and lower operating costs. The use of LNG in these application spaces, where small volumes of LNG are transferred,...

Ship Performance Monitoring

Fuel is the single largest operational cost of running a vessel. Fuel costs are rising dramatically, and the key question occupying ship-owners, ship managers and charterers alike is; “In a competitive market how do we reduce the running...

Trelleborg Marine Systems: Insights on Industry Product Testing

Trelleborg Marine Systems' Global Technical & Market Support Manager, Mishra Kumar, discusses the findings of the company's latest Barometer Report Survey 2011 conducted in association with Lloyds List. Here he discusses current industry attitudes to product testing.

Trelleborg Marine Systems: Insights on Future Industry Investment

Trelleborg Marine Systems' Managing Director, Richard Hepworth, discusses the findings of the company's latest Barometer Report Survey 2011 conducted in association with Lloyds List. Here he discusses what the future looks like for investments in port infrastructure.

Trelleborg Marine Systems: Insights on Industry Issues

Trelleborg Marine Systems' Regional Director (Asia Pacific), Scott Smith, discusses the findings of the company's latest Barometer Report Survey 2011 conducted in association with Lloyds List. Here he discusses the main issues affecting the marketplace according to nearly 400 port decision makers.

Trelleborg Marine Systems

Trelleborg Marine Systems (TMS) provides specialised berthing and mooring solutions for the port, offshore and marine industries. Customers benefit from unrivalled knowledge, a broad product range and the most advanced solutions available in the marketplace.

Trelleborg Marine Systems: Riding the Wave of Change

President of Trelleborg Marine Systems, Richard Hepworth provides details of its new initiative called ‘smarter approach’. This is a scheme designed as a way to stay at the cutting-edge of the industry in 2017.

Trelleborg Marine Systems: The Importance of Automation

Richard Hepworth, President of Trelleborg Marine Systems, speaks to Port Technology about the importance of automation in the modern maritime environment and how Trelleborg are gaining insights in the area.

Established in 1905, Trelleborg is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. Its innovative solutions accelerate performance for customers in a sustainable way. The Trelleborg Group has annual sales of SEK 31 billion (EUR 3.23 billion, USD 3.60 billion) and operations in about 50 countries. The Group comprises five business areas: Trelleborg Coated Systems, Trelleborg Industrial Solutions, Trelleborg Offshore & Construction, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and Trelleborg Wheel Systems. 

The marine systems operation of the Trelleborg Offshore & Construction business area of Trelleborg Group, has followed a growth strategy that reinforces its leading position globally. 

Placing significant importance on the expansion of its global footprint, the company firstly opened an Indian-based engineering center of excellence in 2008, as well as a new office in Brazil and a new rubber fender factory in Qingdao, China. This commitment to establishing a local "feet on the ground' presence within the regions that its customers operate, also saw the company open a new sales and project management office in Houston in 2014 and a new foam fender factory in Berryville, U.S, in 2015. 

Characterized by individual and cultural diversity, our system of shared values is particularly important. Our core values – customer focus, performance, innovation and responsibility – are long-term commitments, which, when coupled with the business concept, goals and strategies guide us in making decisions and conducting business. The values make Trelleborg unique compared with our competitors. We are proud to be different.

• Customer focus: Working in partnership, we aim to add value for our customers, as well as for Trelleborg.
• Performance: We shall perform better than our competitors.
• Innovation: We promote an innovative culture and attitude. Innovation is a key driver for our growth.
• Responsibility: We all share responsibility for our company as a whole and for its results.

Four Smart Systems Improving Ports Today

  23 Jul 2018

Ports, the centres for trade, need to become a smart link to connect intelligent supply chains

EU NAVFOR Holds Anti-Piracy Forum in Kenya

  24 May 2018

EU NAVFOR recently brought together EU and regional partners to focus on counter piracy and maritime security in efforts to build a more secure maritime environment

Trelleborg Paper Focuses on Big Data for Maritime Systems

  12 Feb 2018

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has released a new whitepaper that brings together the latest news and thinking on big data in the maritime sector.

Trelleborg Studies Infrastructure Designs For Chinese Ports

  05 Dec 2017

Trelleborg Marine Systems has signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese survey and design firm Third Harbor Consultants Company (THCC), to work on designs that ease new megaship pressures

PTI Conference £499 Offer Ends Today

  30 Nov 2017

Today is the last chance to get a discounted ticket to Port Technology’s third Container Terminal Automation Conference on Automated Intelligence and AI

Port Technology Takes on AI and Automation in New Event

  28 Sep 2017

Port Technology's third Container Terminal Automation Conference focuses on the new theme of artificial intelligence

Start Up Aims Big Data at Shipping Sector

  24 Apr 2017

The former CEO of marine services provider Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS), Captain Claus Hyldager, is launching a data-driven maritime services company to offer analytics to a broad range of maritime businesses

PTI Conference Day One: INTTRA on Disruption from Digitization

  20 Apr 2017

Many major players in the ocean freight supply chain risk being left behind as more operations become automated

PTI Conference: Speakers You Need to Meet (Part 1)

  10 Apr 2017

Port Technology’s upcoming Container Terminal Automation Conference will feature a vast array of delegate speakers.Held in London this month from April 19-20, the event’s focus will be on the automation and training sectors of the port industry.Leading professionals of the industry will be sharing their knowledge and expertise on best practice and drive solutions within terminal automation.Get to know ten more speakers…

Trelleborg: ‘Worrying Gap’ in Automation Attitudes

  28 Mar 2017

Trelleborg Marine Systems President Richard Hepworth has highlighted a 'worrying gap' in attitudes towards automation in his latest Marine Insight

Big Data in the Maritime Industry

Big data has the potential to transform our industry. Through application and insights, big data is creating new opportunities to drive innovation and deliver tangible operational efficiencies across the shipping world. But information alone is not enough. It is the analysis of this data and the actionable insights it provides that will move our industry forward and determine our future.

Evolving an Offering: Analysing Industry Results

Only 36% of ports and terminals claim to have seen increased pressure from shipping lines in terms of the importance placed on automation and digitisation. However, the survey results certainly suggest that shipping lines do value new technologies: half of the vessel stakeholders surveyed feel ports and terminals are immature in adopting Smart technologies.

The Reality of Automation

Shipping, it goes without saying, is a critical industry within the rapidly evolving global economy and one that will be impacted hugely by the evolution of technology. Whilst the shipping industry is a notoriously conservative one, it is not immune to the advances of technology and we cannot avoid embracing it. If current industry players don’t, others will, and we could risk losing our relevance...

Automatic Upgrades: Accommodating Mega-Ships

Trelleborg’s brand new Barometer Report found that 29% of those surveyed feel the industry is lagging behind when it comes to implementing upgrades to port infrastructure to accommodate increasing vessel sizes

Berthing the World’s Largest Vessels

Historically, port infrastructure has been designed to accommodate a certain size and type of vessel. This paper explores the impact of vessels continuing to grow larger and more diverse, on the demands placed on a ports infrastructure.

An evolving industry - Trelleborg

This article looks at the issue of quality in marine fenders, with further problems surrounding the under-cutting of fender prices. Trelleborg and its competitors are aware of lower quality and prices in fenders and appreciate that, due to the industry evolving, manufacturers are operating with more transparency.

Evolving solutions for ship-to-ship LNG transfer in tandem configuration

FLNG is now technically and economically proven in enabling previously unviable gas fields to be exploited, and while the industry looks to move further offshore, there are lessons to be learned and best practices to be taken from onshore and near shore applications. However, an understanding of the complexities and individual requirements of more extreme offshore environments is key to successful systems development in FLNG...

Developing efficient marine fender solutions

As vessels have grown larger and more diverse, so have the demands on fenders. In this article, Richard Hepworth, a chartered mechanical engineer and president of Trelleborg Marine Systems (TMS) and Chartered Mechanical Engineer, discusses this relationship and how, despite the fact that it’s possible to broadly identify which fender may be right for the job, it remains essential that each project and its specific...

Innovation to reduce downtime

Industry survey, the Barometer Report 2 from Trelleborg Marine Systems (TMS), has revealed that eight out of ten ports suffer from unscheduled downtime and, of these ports, almost half are down for approximately 10 percent of the time. The findings reflect a similar position to that of the previous year, when the report was introduced. The fact that the industry is not getting to grips...

Critical design characteristics of quality quick release hooks

The time for disputing the value of quick release hooks (QRH) is long gone; decades of successful applications have proven their worth over traditional bollards. But with so many hook manufacturers and suppliers vying for market share, the debate over what makes a quality QRH is still very much in the minds of port operators.

Trelleborg Marine Systems

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Trelleborg Marine Systems

Talking Technicalities Trelleborg Fender Seminars

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation will present at PIANC Australia’s Technical Workshop on Fenders on June 15, 2017. At this event, Mishra Kumar, Global Technical Director at Trelleborg’s marine systems operation, will make a presentation on the subject of ‘Ensuring Fender Performance through Physical and Material Testing Specification’.

Trelleborg Marine Systems

Trelleborg's Safepilot Guides Fourth Largest Cruise Ship Into Napier Port

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation was involved in two milestone events in just one week earlier this year, after one of the biggest ships ever constructed set sail and one of the largest offshore facilities was launched utilizing its SafePilot solution.

Trelleborg Marine Systems

PTI Conference

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation is proud to sponsor the Terminal Automation and Training C-Level Networking Conference 2017 in London (19th – 20th April).

Trelleborg Marine Systems

Trelleborg Ovation of the Seas

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation’s SafePilot system was used to safely navigate MS Ovation of the Seas, the equal fourth largest cruise ship in operation in the world, in to dock at Napier Port on Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand.

Trelleborg Marine Systems

Trelleborg Launches Automoor For Smart Rope Free Mooring

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has launched AutoMoor, a rope-free, automated mooring system that uses smart technologies to enable a faster berthing process and improve safety levels within the port environment.

Trelleborg Marine Systems

Trelleborg Partners with CCC Third Harbor Consultants

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Third Harbor Consultants Company (THCC), one of China’s largest survey and design institutions in transportation and port engineering, and subsidiary of the state-owned China Communications Construction Company (CCCC). The MoU was confirmed during a signing ceremony at Hotel Wanda Reign on the Bund, Shanghai (November 6).

Trelleborg Marine Systems

Trelleborg Supplies Smartport Solution to Prelude FLNG

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has supplied a suite of products to Shell’s Prelude FLNG facility, the largest offshore facility ever constructed. Prelude, which is 488 meters long, 74 meters wide, and made with more than 260,000 tons of steel, will extract and liquefy natural gas from a site in North West Australia.

Trelleborg Marine Systems

Trelleborg UTS Press Release

Trelleborg, the world leader in engineered polymer solutions, today hailed the recent successful test of the Universal Transfer System (UTS) conducted with Connect LNG and Gas Natural Fenosa, as tangible evidence of the new applications that its suite of products for jettyless LNG transfer can unlock in this challenging field.

Trelleborg Marine Systems

Indian Centre of Excellence

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has relocated and almost doubled the size of its engineering and design center of excellence in a new 1,000 square meter premises in Ahmedabad, India.

Trelleborg Marine Systems

Trelleborg to Lead ASTM Task Group For New Liquified Gas SSL Standard

A representative from Trelleborg’s marine systems operation will head-up the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) ’Standard for Liquefied Gas Ship Shore Links’ (SSL) standardization group as Technical Director, Andrew Stafford, is appointed as Task Group Leader.

Trelleborg Marine Systems

SafePilot Campaign Launch

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation has launched a new online game intended to highlight the importance of safe navigation and piloting. ‘Safe Passage’ invites the user to navigate a busy container port, avoiding a number of obstacles including container vessels and pilot boats.

Trelleborg Marine Systems

SafePilot Seminar Release

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation hosted a technical seminar and workshop on optimizing navigation and piloting solutions. Designed to help marine pilots keep up-to-date with Smart technology to ensure the efficiency and safety of navigation and piloting operations, the seminar and workshop will was held 4 - 5 May at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel in Baltimore, U.S.

Trelleborg Marine Systems

TMS Load Cell Certification

Trelleborg’s marine systems operation in Qingdao has received International Electrotechnical Commission Explosive (IECEx) certification for the manufacture of explosion-proof equipment. As a result, Trelleborg is able to completely manufacture and calibrate its Quick Release Hook (QRH) Load Cells in-house, ensuring complete control over manufacturing, calibration and quality processes.

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