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TMEIC has a long, proud history in the crane industry, supplying equipment and systems throughout the world. Our control systems are designed to meet the most demanding applications and environmental conditions, including the latest in automation for both manned and unmanned operation to maximize crane productivity.

Crane Automation

Labor savings, increased yard productivity, reduced equipment maintenance and downtime, and increased safety. These are only some of the advantages provided by advanced crane automation solutions available from TMEIC. You can leverage TMEIC's broad experience in crane control and container handling to your advantage with crane automation systems tailored to maximize these advantages for your operation.
TMEIC offers fully automated solutions for container handling, from productivity-increasing vision to full automation of the cranes in the yard. Maxspeed® crane control systems uses adjustable speed drives to control speed and direction of the crane motors driving the gantry, trolley, cable reels and hoist.  Maxspeed® crane control systems provide very fast reaction time to operator joystick with precise control to achieve high rate of crane production. Maxview® crane vision systems from improve productivity and increase safety, even in manual operations.  Additionally, TMEIC's automation solutions can be applied to both new and existing cranes.
TMEIC has over 3000 Maxspeed® Digital Crane Control Systems installed worldwide. Our globally recognized engineering team, combined with our products – which are manufactured under the world's highest quality standards – guarantees the performance and reliability of the crane operation, even for the most demanding ports in the world.

Quay Cranes

In today's global economy, the reliability and performance of ship-to-shore quay cranes are critical. The Crane Systems team at TMEIC has the technology and process know-how to help ports achieve and exceed their goals.
With thousands of Maxspeed® digital crane control systems installed worldwide, and our ongoing investment in technology, we are able to offer a wide variety of solutions:

- Basic crane control system
- Advanced automation system
- Sensorless Sway Control
- Collision protection system
- Chassis alignment system
- Crane management system
- Power factor regulation


Ship Unloaders

The Maxspeed® Digital Crane Control System from TMEIC is the perfect solution to maximize the performance of your ship unloader.
Maxspeed® Digital Sway Control provides a unique electronic solution to control sway on cranes. Our system minimizes the adverse effects of propagation delay times created by PLC or peripheral computer-based systems because the feedback for closed loop sway control is in the trolley drive regulator.
Maxview® Bucket Unloader System enables the operator to become more efficient by eliminating tasks where the operator's skills are not required. 

Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes

In today's global economy, the reliability and performance of rail mounted gantry cranes (RMGC) are critical. The Crane Systems team at TMEIC has the technology and process know-how to help ports achieve and exceed their goals.
With thousands of Maxspeed® digital crane control systems installed worldwide, and our ongoing investment in technology, we are able to offer a wide variety of solutions:
- Basic crane control system
- Fully Automatic unmanned crane control system
- Collision protection system
- Crane management system
- Power factor regulation

Rubber Tire Gantry Cranes

The reliability and performance of rubber tire gantry cranes are critical. The Material Handling team at TMEIC has the technology and process know-how to help ports achieve and exceed their goals.
With thousands of Maxspeed® digital crane control systems installed worldwide, and our ongoing investment in technology, we are able to offer a wide variety of solutions:

- Basic crane control system
- Advanced automation system
- Sensorless Sway Control
- Collision protection system
- Crane management system

Crane Modernizations

Why Buy New When You Can Modernize?
TMEIC offers crane retrofit packages, which can extend the life of existing control electronics.
Not only can we provide drive and control retrofit solutions for legacy equipment and others' control systems, we also provide the means for adding RF Ethernet connectivity to a terminal client. You will now be able to view all connected cranes' control and operational parameters -even remotely!
We also provide engineered solutions for:

Power Quality
- Load absorption control
- Power factor regulation
- Harmonic filtering
- Diesel generator to utility power conversion
- Portal beam substations
- Transformer sizing
- Duty cycle calculations
- Power systems study

- RF Ethernet
- Crane Management Systems

- Crane-to-Crane collision protection
- Straddle carrier detection
- Crane to vessel superstructure collision

Maxview Smart Landing® System for Ship to Shore Cranes

Maxview Smart Landing® system is a laser-based ship profile and operator landing assists system that increases ship-to-shore crane productivity and reduce damage and operation noise.      • Reduces damage to spreader and...

Fuel Efficient RTG Crane Control - MaxFuelSaver™

MaxFuelSaver™ for RTG cranes from TMEIC. Diesel engine speed is carefully controlled at every load.  The system employs a standard TMEIC converter supplying DC power to the constant voltage bus feeding the hoist, trolley, and gantry...

Maxview Smart Move™ System for Rubber Tire Gantry Cranes

Maxview Smart Move™ reduces damage from claims for toppled container stacks. Maxview Smart Move™ system avoids crane and container collisions by efficiently regulating hoist and trolley speeds during operations.     ...

Container Crane Modernization & Retrofits

Historically there have been only two options for container crane improvement at container ports:    • Buy a new crane    • Modernize your present crane (but incur a heavy penalty of lost crane time while the modernization...

Crane Sway Control System

Our economical and lightweight electronic anti-sway system is superior to any of the mechanical or hydraulic anti-sway systems available. The sensor-less electronic anti-sway system works in all weather conditions with no maintenance required....

TMEIC Crane Innovation: Power, Electronics and Automation

Declan Daly, General Manager, Industrial Systems at TMEIC discusses how its products are used across a range of industries and provides details on its latest product innovations.

Virginia Terminal Expansion Nears Completion

  21 Feb 2019

Virginia International Gateway has announced the completion of container stack-yard work as it prepares to complete an overall expansion project

Virginia Welcomes East Coast’s Largest Cranes

  08 Jan 2019

The Port of Virginia has welcomed the arrival of four 170-foot cranes at its Virginia International Gateway container terminal, which will be the largest on the US East Coast

GAC to Open Abu Dhabi Warehouse

  02 Jan 2019

Logistics giant unveils KIZAD partnership

PTI Advent 2018: TBA on Brownfield Automation

  17 Dec 2018

While there are challenges for ports and terminals trying to implement automated solutions, Dr. Yvo Saanen, TBA Group, believes this trend will continue to grow in 2019

Khalifa Port Trade Zone Receives Cash Injection

  14 Dec 2018

Investment made as part of wider regional development

TMEIC to Automate Abu Dhabi Terminal

  06 Dec 2018

TMEIC has been selected to provide automation solutions for Khalifa Port’s Phase II Expansion at Abu Dhabi Terminals

Virginia Berth Expansion Receives All Clear

  29 Oct 2018

The Port of Virginia has received federal authorization to commence its “Wider, Deeper, Safer” project, to deepen and widen the Norfolk Harbour’s commercial shipping channels

PTI Edition 79: Smart Ports and Supply Chain Technologies

  19 Sep 2018

Port Technology's latest edition of the journal is now available online and in print.

#TOCEurope: Konecranes Announces Speakers

  06 Jun 2018

Konecranes have announced the speakers that will be featured at TOC Europe — Port Technology gives a rundown of who is speaking when

Container Shipping’s Digital Hurdles - Navis

  15 May 2018

Chuck Schneider from Navis has answered questions about what approach the container shipping technology company is taking towards digital issues within its industry

Performance Evaluation: Custom Harmonic Filter Design for Port Cranes

This article addresses the design needs of industry standard IEEE 519 for quay crane electrical systems, with a focus on how customized harmonic filters provide a superior end result for the crane drive and control system, as opposed to the application of ‘standardized’ harmonic filters.

The Need for Landside Automation in Terminals

The container shipping industry is one of the most competiti ve industries in today’s marketplace. The dual force of globalizati on and the consolidation of shipping lines have forced terminals to move more containers in a shorter amount of ti me with lower costs. Because of this, terminal operators are constantly seeking ways to become more productive and cost-effective.

Automated Stacking Cranes In Port Terminals

Shipping containers revolutionized the movement of goods, driving change and efficiency throughout the global supply chain. The next revolution in container handling is the application of automation to container terminal operation. At this time there are multiple automated container terminals in operation, and more in development globally. The challenge has been to automate operations in the part of the terminal where the containers are stacked,...

Something New For The Crane Retrofit Market

The TMdrive®-10e2-DP is intended for use in crane modernisation projects where the existing DC motors will be retained. It has the advantage of common hardware for both the AC and DC motors and an easy upgrade from DC to AC at a future date if desired.

TMEIC improves productivity at the Georgia Ports Authority

An organisational feature that looks at TMEIC's role in helping the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) install their Maxspeed electrical drive systems to upgrade six ship-to-shore cranes. Located at the Garden City Terminal at the Port of Savannah, the cranes were installed after the GPA identified a need for more efficient container movement. The Maxspeed crane control system uses adjustable speed drives to allow the GPA...

How DP World Vancouver Decreased Container Topples Without Sacrificing Productivity

This article examines TMEIC's Maxview Smart Move System as a solution to reduce operator error and damage to containers for DP World Vancouver. The Maxview Smart Move System is a laser-based stack profile and operator landing assist system which is specifically tailored to RTG and RMG cranes. The Maxview Smart Move System has already been adopted by DP World's Vancouver Terminal and is an efficient...

TMEIC drives container-handling system innovations and improvements

This feature outlines TMEIC's success as a material-handling business. This includes its focus on continually improving industrial motor and drive systems through engineering, experience, and cutting-edge technology. Its crane control and automation solutions are also a key focus, and are designed to meet the most demanding applications and environmental conditions, using the latest advancements in automation systems in order to maximise both safety and and...

TMEIC improves productivity at the Georgia Ports Authority

Over the years, the GPA has seen tremendous growth and now boasts more than 9,700 feet of contiguous berth space and one of the busiest single terminal container facilities in the United States. Due to this continued growth and dedication to provide customers with the most productive port facilities, the GPA identified a need for more efficient container movement, enter TMEIC.

Achieving maximum productivity with older cranes

As ports face the continued push to reduce port of call moor ing time, an overall productivity improvement may be necessary to remain competitive in the container shipping industry. Improvements in productivity may involve container crane performance upgrades, yard management integration, and many other add-on enhancements that improve crane operator productivity, and flow of product through the terminal.

Productivity Benefits through Crane Automation

As global container shipping volumes continue to grow, terminal operators around the world share a common problem: how to squeeze more productivity out of all assets in the container terminal. Automated container handling has become one of the most legitimate answers to this question.

Reduce damage and increase productivity with an extra set of eyes for the crane driver

As container ship size grows with each new manufactured generation, so too must the ship-to-shore gantry cranes that service them, and crane speeds must increase accordingly to maintain container-handling productivity.

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TMEIC provides automation systems for RMG’s at Global Container Terminals in Bayonne, N.J.

Roanoke, Virginia. (January 9, 2014) – TMEIC is providing the systems for twenty Konecranes automatic rail mounted gantry (RMG) cranes, as part of the expansion of the Global Container Terminals’ facility in Bayonne, New Jersey. By go-live in Q2, 2014, the expansion will increase the terminal’s capacity to 1.1 million lifts per year at build out, making it the most technologically advanced facility on the US East Coast.

TMEIC receives order from Georgia Ports Authority (GPA)

Roanoke, Va. (January 13, 2014) TMEIC has received an order to supply MAXSPEED® electrical drive systems upgrade for three Ship-to-Shore Crane at Georgia Ports Authority. The project will be to replace the original DC drives with TMEIC’s TMdrive®10e2 drives and controls. TMEIC will be supplying new AC hoist motors with higher HP that will enable GPA to increase container moves by 2 containers per hour.

TMEIC receives order from DP World Vancouver

Roanoke, Va. (January 15, 2015) – TMEIC has received an order to supply Maxview Smart Move™ System on two RTG cranes at DP World Vancouver Terminal. DP World has chosen TMEIC’s crane automation expertise for several of the world’s newest terminals.

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