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Tamtron serves customers operating in the seaports with type-approved, accurate, high-quality scales and modern weighing information management systems that ensure real-time access to the information, reports and operations monitoring. With Tamtron scales the container ID and VGM can be combined.
Tamtron’s advanced and easy-to-use scales weight containers according to the SOLAS regulations during normal operations without interrupting or slowing down the workflow at seaports or in container depots.
Some of our products include:
  • Container stacker scales
  • Straddle carrier scales
  • Truck scales eg. weightbridges
  • Railway scales and many others

Weighing information facilitates operational optimization and high-quality partnerships

From Tamtron scale the information transfers to operational use real-time to weighing information management cloud service or through integration into ERP, WMS, TOS or other systems. Bi-directional data-communication enables container ID and VGM to be combined. From all of the Tamtron scales used at the seaport: container stacker scales, straddle carrier scales as well as from traditional weighbridges the information can be collected into the same information management infrastructure where all transactions can be managed and monitored. With the information, operations can be optimised to be as fluent and efficient as possible.
Tamtron’s professional weighing equipment with solid connectivity and data management help operators to meet the demands for transparency, traceability and ever-growing reporting liabilities. Reporting between co-operation partners becomes easier when the required information is available on one system, easily and reliably.

The weighing solutions provided by Tamtron make customers’ everyday operations easier and more efficient not only in the seaports but in industries such as construction and mining, manufacturing, forestry and timber, transport and logistics as well as recycling and waste management. ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certified competence guarantees the premium quality of deliveries.

The internationally operating company has a turnover of EUR 22 million, and the group employs 140 professionals. The Company’s main office is in Finland, and it has subsidiaries in Sweden, Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In addition to strong domestic trade, Tamtron exports its products globally to more than 60 countries. Tamtron is a reliable partner in weighing solutions with expertise and know-how of over 40 years, since 1972.

Power Container Stacker Scale

Type-approved and tested Tamtron Power Container Stacker Scale weighs verified gross mass (VGM) of a container accurately and meets the requirements of the SOLAS regulations. Power Container Stacker Scale can be installed in all types...

Power Straddle Carrier Scale

Approved and tested Tamtron Power Straddle Carrier Scale weighs verified gross mass (VGM) of a container accurately and meets the requirements of the SOLAS regulations. Power Straddle Carrier Scale can be installed in all types of straddle...

Tamtron Power Straddle Carrier Scale

Meet the SOLAS requirements and ensure safety at seas with easy-to-use scale

Power Container Stacker Scale

Approved and tested Tamtron Power Container Stacker Scale weighs verified gross mass (VGM) of a container accurately and meets the requirements of the SOLAS regulations.

Scales & Weighing Information Management for Seasports

Safer and more efficient operations with weighing

SOLAS Impact Explained by Tamtron

  07 Dec 2016

PTI interviewed Mikko Makinen, Sales Director at Tamtron, during Intermodal Europe 2016 to learn more about the latest SOLAS container weight verification requirement developments

Tamtron Ahead in Sea Safety

  15 Nov 2016

Tamtron Power Container Stacker Scale and Tamtron Power Straddle Carrier Scale containers can be weighed according to the SOLAS regulations during operations

Intermodal to Make Waves in Europe

  10 Nov 2016

Intermodal Europe is the world-leading exhibition and conference for companies associated with the container and intermodal industries

Tamtron to Offer Container Weighing Solutions

  02 Jun 2016

Tamtron has received approval for its Power Container Stacker Scale and Power Straddle Carrier Scale, so that containers can be weighed according to SOLAS regulations

P.O. Box 15 (Vestonkatu 11)
FI-33561 Tampere
Contact Name: Eero Hiltunen
T: + 358 40 840 7016

Tamtron improves sea safety according to the upcoming SOLAS container weighing regulations

Assuring safety at seas by container weighing has been a hot topic during the spring 2016, since the International Maritime Organization IMO announced upcoming changes in SOLAS regulations.

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