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Schneider Electric | Energy Management & Automation Solutions

Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management and automation. With 170 000 employees worldwide and  operations in more than 100 countries, we are present in all geographies and close to you. We provide integrated solutions that make energy safer, more reliable and efficient for areas like energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, buildings, data centres, and residential applications.

We have more than 90 years of expertise in the maritime industry and have developed the ShoreBoXTM shore connection solution that is simple and fast to implement,  easy and reliable to operate, and can help port and ship operators comply with global and local environmental requirements.

Shore power, the best option for ships at berth

Ports are the most visible interfaces and direct links between the neighbouring population and the maritime industry. The increasing pressure from coastal communities to reduce environmental and health impacts associated with the shipping business places harbours on the front line of social responsibility and action taking.

Port entities and ship operators need to invest in new technologies to reduce air pollution and to be compliant with the ever stricter regulations. A number of solutions are available, but to switch to shore power is indisputably the best option for ships at berth. 

ShoreBoXTM, the most reliable shore connection system

Our ShoreBoXTM is:

  • Safe and reliable: this solution is based on standard products, with proven performance, and working together in a tested, validated and documented (TVD) architecture
  • Modular and evolutive, allows you to plan and escalate your investment
  • Flexible and movable, allows you to relocate the installation and adapt to changes in berth activity
  • Compliant with environmental requirements, it allows to reach zero emissions from berthed ships.
  • Cost efficient, allows you to reduce project costs and risks, and project execution time.

Shore connection solution references

Schneider Electric has more than 5 000 merchant marine sector references within electrical distribution, automation and control. Our shore connection solutions are already installed in numerous ports worldwide including the largest US container port, the ports of Riga, Bergen, Helsinki and Marseille among others, naval bases in France, Morocco and Greece, and shipyards in Spain, Italy and China. We are also equipping all berths of a new megaport containership terminal in Indonesia. 

Click here to download shore connection white papers by Schneider Electric

ShoreBoX™ - Simple and fast shore connection implementation in your port

The innovative ShoreBoXTM  solution is designed to reduce investment, and project lead time, costs and risks. Fully packaged in a single shipping container for space optimization, the ShoreBoXTM solution includes all necessary equipment...

ShoreBoX: Shore connection for ships at berth

Plugin to green power and meet environmental regulations with shore connection solutions for ports and ships.

Onshore Power for Seagoing Ships at Antwerp

  22 Mar 2018

The Antwerp Port Authority will sign two agreements on March 23rd 2018 at the World Ports Sustainability Program’s event as it looks to provide onshore power for seagoing ships at the port

Labour Beats Port Automation

  20 Sep 2017

California Governor Jerry Brown has dealt a blow to the automation industry while attempting to improve both environmental and labour conditions

London Ports Mull Shore Power

  24 Jul 2017

London’s Port Authority (PLA) jointly with other public bodies in the UK has commissioned three studies, one involving shore-side power, to help ports meet air quality standards

Watch: IBM-Maersk Unite on Global Blockchain Initiative

  06 Mar 2017

IBM and Maersk have announced that they will start collaborating in using blockchain technology to help transform the global, cross-border supply chain and making the software available to the shipping and logistics industry

How Ports Can Measure ROI with Shore Power

  26 May 2016

In an exclusive video interview with PTI, Didier Rochas, Vice President of Shore Connection Solutions at Schneider discusses 3 ways ports can see a return on their investment using shore power

Why Global Ports Should Adopt Shore Power

  21 Apr 2016

An exclusive video interview published by PTI shows Didier Rochas, Shore Connection Vice President of Schneider Electric discuss the nature of shore power

PTI Newscast featuring Schneider Electric and Holman-Fenwick Willan

  19 Feb 2016

Port Technology has released its latest global newcast with a focus on the Panama Canal Expansion, overcapacity and shore power.

The Electric Future: New Paper and Report

  03 Feb 2016

A recent report from Navigant Research that analyses the global market for energy-efficient port operations has forecast huge growth for shore electricity power

Energy Solutions for Ports: Schneider Electric

  26 Jun 2015

Specialists look into how to render a ship connection ready for quick, efficient and sustainable handling

Marseille Now Shore Connection Ready

  28 Apr 2015

The Port of Marseille has taken further steps towards sustainable development by installing shore connection technologies in their facilities

Condition-Based Maintenance: New Opportunities for Shipping

Preventive maintenance is the common strategy in the shipping industry: according to manufacturer recommendations and classification society requirements, maintenance plans are scheduled in advance so as to reduce downtime. It makes it easier to anticipate and plan resource availability (material, dock, human resources, and so forth). However this preventive approach is not perfect and cannot guarantee zero failure when shipping.

The Electric Future of Transportation

Technical Paper from Schneider Electric outlines the exciting and impending future for shore power

Port of Bergen: Shore Connection Connoisseur

A technical paper focusing on the developments of low-voltage shore connection systems at the Port of Bergen; an operation defining the system characteristics for shore power installations to supply ships with a low-voltage connection

Four pillars of port sustainability

In today’s port arena, authorities and planners are tasked with ensuring ports investments and operations are durable and fit to future challenges. The need to combine efficient, lucrative operations with a productive and sustainable future is one of the major demands terminal planners are facing.

Shore power for merchant vessels

As port authorities and shipping lines expand investment in sustainable technologies, shore power is one of several approaches that are becoming increasingly widely used. This article provides an overview of the growth in the use of shore power at container and bulk, and oil and gas applications, as well as key recommendations to implement it successfully.

Connecting passenger ships to the future

Schneider Electric inform us of the requirements set out for port authorities and shipping companies in reducing air and noise pollution and consider methods such as cold-ironing as an alternative source of marine power at ports.

Thermal imaging technology for port security

Port security is anything but typical. From miles of unguarded, unlit perimeters to ever-changing lighting and weather conditions, traditional video security has a difficult time providing the comprehensive intelligence demanded by such a high-security facility. In this article, Pelco's Jeremy Hickman explains how thermal imaging is becoming an increasingly relied upon to address these issues.

Using shore connection technology to meet environmental guidelines

This article focuses on the capability of the shore connection solution to reduce port pollution and help ships meet current and future regulations. It also presents the best compliant practices that will help ports, terminal operators and ship owners to make shore connection a safe, efficient and green investment.

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