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Liebherr Maritime Cranes offers a comprehensive portfolio of advanced maritime cargo handling solutions, available with numerous purpose-planned options for every operating task, size of vessel and type of freight.

This includes a perfectly balanced range of innovative mobile harbour cranes, state-of-the-art ship to shore container cranes and various options for efficient container stacking, such as rubber tyre gantry cranes, rail mounted stacking cranes, straddle carriers and reachstackers.

Customers in more than 100 countries across the globe rely on Liebherr Maritime Cranes' solutions, for high quality standards, unrivalled performance and a global service network for quick response times.

Liebherr Reachstacker LRS 545

Liebherr Maritime Cranes launched a new Reach Stacker series in 2015. The first model, type LRS 545, is the new efficient link between quay and yard, standing for productivity through agility. The LRS 545 is designed for highly responsive operation....

Mobile Harbour Cranes - LHM 800

Introduced in 2015, the LHM 800 is the largest mobile harbour crane in the market. The giant is designed for challenging tasks, providing a lifting capacity of up to 308 tonnes and an outreach of 64 metres. The mobile harbour crane flagship LHM...

Mobile Harbour Cranes - LHM 550

The LHM 550 is designed for efficient cargo handling up to post-panamax-sized vessels. The crane operates with outstanding mobility and manoeuvrability and has a maximum lifting capacity of 144 tons and 54 metres radius. The Liebherr Pactronic®...

Ship to Shore Container Cranes

An extensive range of ship-to-shore container cranes are available, from panamax size to the latest generation of megamax which can handle the world's largest container vessels. Container cranes from Liebherr are in operation on all five...

Mobile Harbour Cranes - LHM 600

Especially designed to load and unload up to super post-Panamax-sized vessels, the LHM 600 is the flagship of the product range. With a lifting capacity of 208 tons and a 58 metres maximum radius this crane is suitable for container movement,...

Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes

Rubber tyre gantry cranes (RTGs) are manufactured according to individual customer requirements. Crane spans of between 5 and eight 8 containers wide plus a truck lane and lift heights of up to 1 over six 6 containers high are available. Customers...

Rail mounted stacking cranes (RMGs)

Rail mounted stacking cranes (RMG's) are manufactured according to individual customer requirements and have kept pace with developments in design and technology over the past 4 decades. Special design features such as automation of crane...

Straddle Carrier

Liebherr Straddle Carriers are custom built in two standard heights, 3 containers high (1 over 2) and 4 containers high (1 over 3). The straddle  carriers are designed for single and twin lift operation. 8 wheels mounted on four steering...

Mobile Harbour Cranes - LHM 420

The LHM 420 is available in two variants with maximum lifting capacities of 84 and 124 tons. Maximum radius is 48 meters making the LHM 420 ideal for loading and unloading from a wide variety of vessels, from handy-sized to post-panamax class....

LHM 120 Mobile Harbour Crane

The LHM 120 has a maximum lifting capacity of 42 tons and a radius of 30 metres. This crane is designed for vessels up to feeder class. The LHM’s extreme flexibility makes it a universal all-rounder for handling every kind of cargo. Additional...

LHM 180 Mobile Harbour Crane

With a lifting capacity of 64 tons and a 35 metres radius, the LHM 180 is the ideal crane for cargo handling up to feeder-size vessels. The crane can be used in practically all areas of the harbour where crane capacity is required. Additional...

LHM 280 Mobile Harbour Crane

The LHM 280 is designed for versatile and efficient cargo handling up to handy-sized vessels. A maximum lifting capacity of 84 tons and a radius of 40 metres make it the ideal solution for container, general cargoes and bulk handling. Additional...

Reachstacker - LRS 645

The Liebherr reachstacker LRS 645 is designed to lift containers as heavy as 45 metric tons into heights of six containers in the first row. Due to a unique curve-shaped telescopic boom, the reachstacker provides an unrivalled reach. Another...

Log Handler LRS 645 LH

Liebherr Log Handlers have a maximum lifting capacity of 30 tons. A uniquely curve-shaped telescopic boom offers unrivalled reach up to 10 metres and up to a height of 12 metres. The grab can rotate 360° and is able to pivot actively forwards,...

Maritime crane simulators - LiSIM®

LiSIM® increases safety and productivity by providing a cost-effective and highly efficient simulation-based crane operator training. The development of this sophisticated training tool is driven by Liebherr's extensive crane driver training...

Liebherr Port Simulator en Route to New Zealand

  21 Mar 2019

Solution will boost safety and training standards

Liebherr to Present Next-Gen Handling Solution

  14 Mar 2019

Liebherr has announced that one of its maritime solutions, the Liebherr LRS Log Handler, will be presented at the world's largest construction fair

Swedish Container Terminal Receives Investment Boost

  11 Mar 2019

Infranode, a Swedish investment firm, has announced that it will provide $42 million in funding to the development of a new greenfield container terminal at the Port of Gävle

Liebherr Eco-Crane Supports Bavaria Port Expansion

  06 Mar 2019

Liebherr, a provider of lifting solutions, has announced the inauguration of a new eco-friendly LHM 420 mobile harbour crane

Great Yarmouth Upgrades with Liebherr Crane

  15 Feb 2019

The Port of Great Yarmouth, owned by Peel Ports Group, has taken delivery of a new crane from Liebherr, a move which is expected to improve its ability to handle larger cargoes

Liebherr Strengthens US Container Terminals

  01 Feb 2019

Liebherr Container Cranes has announced its delivery of four ship-to-shore cranes to terminals in the US, including Port Newark Container Terminal and Penn Terminals

Liebherr Continues Mobile Harbour Crane Dominance

  24 Jan 2019

Liebherr Maritime Cranes has continued to assert its dominance in the mobile harbour cranes sector following a successful 2018

Liebherr Delivers US’ Largest Mobile Harbour Crane

  21 Jan 2019

Liebherr, a provider of lifting solutions, has delivered a 270-foot-tall mobile harbour crane to Port Canaveral, Florida: the largest of its kind in the US

Yilport Foundation Launches Port Innovation Contest

  15 Jan 2019

The Yilport-associated Garip and Zeycan Yildirim Foundation has announced the “Game Changer” Port Innovation Contest, the first competition of its kind in the Turkish port industry

ABP Secures Terminal Operator Deal

  11 Jan 2019

Associated British Ports has announced a major agreement with terminal operator Thor Shipping and Transport, which has committed to a further ten years at the Port of Hull

Innovative Technology for Modern Terminals

Liebherr Maritime Cranes estimates that the reach-stacker market will increase slightly in the future. The prediction is that European rail-and-inland waterway traffic will further develop especially. This trend shall cause an increase of the intermodal sector once more and on the basis of these predicted market developments, Liebherr has developed a new reach-stacker series

New Equipment for New Demands

In the era of mega-ships, ports are dredging berths and expanding in size, however industry crane giants such as Liebherr are also pioneering for a diverse client base in tackling mega-ships

Flexibility at Sharjah Container Terminal

This article tracks Sharjah Container Terminal's development since its inception 38 years ago. Sharjah Container Terminal currently has two Liebherr ship-to-shore cranes and three mobile harbour cranes in operation. With the help of STS cranes, four designated berths and RTG cranes, Sharjah Container Terminal has grown into a thriving facility. The next development at Sharjah Container Terminal involves the installation of two STS gantry cranes...

High productivity with a new concept crane

A short but concise article focusing on Grup TCB's 'double boom' STS crane operation in contrast to the mobile harbour crane (MHC) to achieve higher terminal productivity. An MHC often takes up much more space on the jetty-pier than an STS crane, increasing the risk of congestion. Subsequently, Grup TCB proposed a new idea for the STS double boom concept that would enable four STS...

Innovative transhipment systems: The Bedeschi success story

With 100 years experience in the dry bulk sector, the Italian-based firm Bedeschi offers tailored solutions for dry cargo operations globally. Its floating transfer station is an example of one of its innovative solutions, designed specifically to meet the needs of the consumer. This article focuses on transhipment systems, as well as some of Bedechi's other projects that make it an efficient and serious contender...

Innovation drives green productivity

Ports are under increasing pressures to overcome the challenge of adapting to environmental regulations. Productivity and Eco-friendliness are two factors which port equipment manufacturers must keep in mind when entering the research and development phase of their operations. Liebherr are a supplier who successfully balance innovation with productivity and Eco-friendliness and are currently working on a number of new projects to reset the benchmark as...

Telestack’s customised mobile ship loading system

Telestack has recently installed and commissioned a mobile materials transfer and ship loading system for Riga Fertiliser Terminal (RFT). The transhipment terminal, when completed at the end of 2014, will be the most advanced and safest handling facility for fertiliser in northern Europe.

Maximising the Potential of Simulators in Training

Crane simulators are a solution that has been utilised for a number of years, but the continued march in technology and the recent launch of the Liebherr LiSIM® has brought a new level of realism and efficiency to the industry.

Sochi heralds new era in Russian port construction

One of Russia’s largest diversified business groups, Basic Element, has recently completed the construction of the Sochi Imeretinsky Port – crucial to ensuring construction materials make their way to the 2014 Winter Olympics site.

Scratching below the surface – container crane purchase

Purchasing a container crane can appear to be a simple process. Requirements are specified and, after tender evaluation, a crane manufacturer is chosen based on the specifications and cost. However, it is often what is not obvious from the proposal that will determine if the purchase will ultimately prove to be a sound investment.

Hamburg to Falmouth: relocation and installation of a used harbor crane

Specialist port and marine engineering company Seward Wyon recently completed a project to source, procure, relocate modify and commission a used rail-mounted harbor crane for the A&P Ship repairs company in Falmouth UK.

Simulation arrives at the Port of Felixstowe

In December 2004, the Port of Felixstowe chose to work in partnership with Drilling Systems (UK) Ltd to develop a stateof- the-art crane simulator, to be used in training employees effectively and safely. To the casual observer, this may look an odd selection – Drilling Systems had never developed a dockside terminal simulator, and there were competing products already in the marketplace – so why...

New developments in offshore dry bulk handling

Since the beginning of the last century Bedeschi has been involved in handling various kinds of dry bulk material for a variety of industries such as cement, brick, clinker, coal, bauxite, iron ore, among others.

Delivering the future today – the Floating Terminal Princesse Chloe

The last decade has seen the evolution of various types of floating terminals. These have been deployed for various usages such as loading, discharging, lighterage, and so on. The most common ones, however, are used for offshore loading of dry bulk cargo – mainly coal.

Feeding global demand: a new Landmark in coal handling

Bulk Logistic Landmark (BLL) is the strategic business alliance of partner companies Bedeschi, Liebherr and Logmarin. BLL aims to profit from the synergies, individual strengths and networks of each of the three partner companies to provide dependable, integrated, cost effective software and hardware, and eco-friendly solutions to the dry-bulk supply chain.

Bridging the gap between the mine and the power station

Indonesia, the world’s largest steam coal exporter, with annual steam coal exports up to the 170 million tons mark, of course benefits from its ideal geographical position close to its principal consumer markets.

Evolution. Revolution. LRS 645.

2006 has been an exceptionally positive year for Liebherr-Werk Nenzing with regards to the American market as numerous orders have been placed for its comprehensive variety of port equipment products.

Trends and future prospects of Liebherr Harbour Mobile Cranes (LHM)

By selling 70 LHMs in 2006, representing a 32 per cent increase over the previous year, Liebherr is celebrating its best performance since the launch of Mobile Harbour Cranes in 1974. In recent years LHMs have become increasingly popular due to their multipurpose applications.

Avoiding being crushed in ‘elephant land’: Innovative lasers detect obstructions

It’s a problem worldwide. Ships getting bashed by container cranes; straddle carriers nearly losing their cabs as they stray into the path of a crane spreader; not to mention the damage to containers as a misaligned spreader bounces off its side.

Port of call: North German port of Bremerhaven undergoes a €500M expansion

The project Visit Bremerhaven in northern Germany and you will see Europe’s largest harbour job site. The transportation of containers via Bremerhaven is experiencing a boom like just about no other industry in Germany, with annual growth rates sometimes hitting double figures. In just 27 years the Weser estuary has become Europe’s fourth most important container terminal, and a leading player on the international stage....

New mobile harbour crane range

Liebher r-Werk Nenzing recently announced their latest improvements and upgrades to its range of mobile harbour cranes. According to Liebherr this is driven by their in-house ‘constant improvement programme,’ a unique facet of the Liebherr philosophy which involves improving on their products to suit customer needs. In the latest changes, the main components are maintained –the undercarr iage system still retains its place in creating...

Liebherr mobile harbour cranes in the global market

In a highly volatile business environment, Liebherr’s mobile harbour crane (MHC) division delivered satisfactory operational performance. In 2009, deliveries amounted to 74 mobile harbour cranes, 27 per cent less than during the same period the previous year. In comparison, the total MHC market, including all manufacturers, dropped by approximately 40 per cent.

Choosing the right grab for the right operation

Verstegen is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of rope operated mechanical grabs for the dry bulk industry. Since its foundation in 1951, Verstegen has delivered over 10,000 grabs to customers in 83 countries worldwide. Leading crane manufacturers (Ardelt, Gottwald, Liebherr) equip their cranes with Verstegen grabs to guarantee the highest unloading rates.

Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH wins large order for Sochi, host of the XXII Olympic Winter Games

Basic Element has awarded Liebherr-Werk Nenzing GmbH a contract for eight Mobile Harbour Cranes. Deliveries will start in August and all eight cranes will be installed and commissioned by February 2010. Investment package On July 4, 2007, the international Olympic Committee announced that Sochi had been selected as the host city of the 2014 Winter Olympics. This will be Russia’s first occasion hosting the Winter...

Totally tubular: steel piling installation at the Muuga Port

In very challenging weather conditions Danish contractor Per Aarsleff is installing its largest profile and one of its longest combination steel pile retaining walls for the extension to the container terminal in the Port of Muuga on the Gulf of Finland south coast, 17 km east of the Estonian capital Tallinn. The site team, with its fleet of specialist marine plant, has been coping with...

Standardised electronic interfaces for spreaders

Container-handling machines (e.g. ship-to-shore cranes, mobile harbour cranes, straddle carriers, rail mounted gantry cranes and rubber-tyred gantry cranes) are an important business in the increasing market of logistics and transportation. These machines and their spreaders have to exchange command and status information. In the past, the manufacturers bilaterally agreed upon the interface between the crane and spreader, so it was not possible to use a...

More for less: an official preview of Liebherr’s new hybrid power booster system

You don’t get something for nothing. That’s what logic might tell us, but on a recent trip to the Liebherr-Werk factory in Nenzing, Austria, I was surprised to find that Liebherr’s mobile harbour crane design team had found a way to do just that.

Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH
Liebherrstraße 1
18147 Rostock
Tel: +49 381 – 6006 5020

Historischer Rekord durch Liebherr Hafenmobilkrane

Liebherr Hafenmobilkrane erzielen einen neuen Rekord hinsichtlich Anzahl jährlicher Auslieferungen. Kein Hersteller hat jemals mehr Hafenmobilkrane in nur einem Jahr ausgeliefert.

Liebherr mobile harbour cranes set all-time record

Liebherr mobile harbour cranes set the benchmark in terms of annual deliveries, supplying as many cranes per year as no other manufacturer has ever delivered before.

Liebherr SmartGrip for mobile harbour cranes in high demand

Just a few months after the launch of SmartGrip®, ports across the globe rely on this innovative tool and its outstanding advantages, including Necotrans in Senegal and Port Polnocny in Poland. Operating as an intelligent system, SmartGrip® optimises grab filling rates in a self-learning manner.

Liebherr mobile harbour crane doubles Drammen’s container handling capacity

The Norwegian Port of Drammen opted for a new Liebherr mobile harbour crane, type LHM 550, which has started operation in June 2014. This investment in the future represents the second mobile harbour crane for the port, which has been operating an LHM 400 since 2008.

Liebherr introduces SmartGrip – the evolution of bulk handling

Liebherr Maritime Cranes launches the game-changing technology SmartGrip for its mobile harbour crane product range. This unique technology operates as an intelligent system which optimises grab filling rates in a self-learning manner. SmartGrip provides a number of valuable advantages, including higher performance and zero overloads.

Liebherr Maritime Cranes

Liebherr Maritime Cranes is a division of the Liebherr Group which specialises in cargo handling solutions for ports as well as for the shipping and offshore industry. The well-balanced portfolio includes ship to shore cranes, mobile harbour cranes, offshore cranes, ship cranes, floating transfer solutions, rubber tyre and rail mounted gantry cranes, reach-stackers and straddle carriers. Moreover, the LiSIM® maritime crane simulators allow for highly immersive crane operator training.

Liebherr LHM 550 for Terminal du Grand Ouest

Located at the French Atlantic coast, Terminal du Grand Ouest (TGO) has opted for its first Liebherr mobile harbour crane (LHM), type LHM 550.

Important Order for Liebherr Mobile Harbour Cranes

Liebherr Maritime Cranes has received an important order for its mobile harbour crane range from Algeria. A purchasing association of Algerian port operators has opted for 20 Liebherr mobile harbour cranes (LHM). The mobile harbour cranes will be delivered to various destinations at the Algerian coast, which are Algiers, Annaba, Béjaia, Ghazaouet, Mostaganem, Oran and Skikda.

Liebherr Container Cranes to supply two ship to shore container cranes to Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal.

Liebherr Container Cranes has recently signed a contract for the supply of two ship to shore container cranes to Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal.

Townsville opts for a Liebherr LHM 420

Australian-based Northern Stevedoring Services (NSS) has placed an order for a Liebherr mobile harbour crane, type LHM 420, to operate on Berth 3 and 4 in the Port of Townsville, Queensland. The operations of the stevedoring company span all of regional Queensland’s major port facilities, providing the full range of stevedoring and logistics solutions. The new crane is the third LHM crane for NSS, which has been operating an LHM 550 and an LHM 1300.

South Port Orders Liebherr Mobile Harbour Crane

South Port NZ Ltd (South Port), located at Bluff in New Zealand’s South Island, has just completed the order for a new LHM 550 mobile harbour crane. The crane will be used for highly efficient container handling for MSC, the port’s significant containerised cargo customer. The new machine is the third LHM delivered to New Zealand’s southernmost port.

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