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Hyundai U&I Co., Ltd. is preserving a long history of ICT excellence in maritime logistics. Its flagship solution ‘HiTOPS’ has attained the reputation as the best TOS while servicing most of major container terminals in Korea more than a decade and contributing to our customers’ seamless operation. Along with HiTOPS, we are lined up with trusted solutions for vessel and fleet management, inland transportation, asset tracking, and many more along with the supply chain. These solutions are built on top of empirical studies and intensive R&D by field experienced workforce acquired through supporting the Hyundai Group affiliates such as Hyundai Merchant Marine, its terminals, and Hyundai Logistics. With strong business acumen for ICT in the maritime and logistics industry, we are ready to deliver a favorable climate that offers vibrant possibilities for our customers.



HiTOPS (Hyundai Intelligent Terminal Operating & Planning System) manages the whole lifecycle of terminal operations well embraced in 6 segments of HiTOPS; EDI & Documentation, Planning, Operation, Monitoring & Control, Administration...

Founded in 2005 as an ICT arm of the Hyundai Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Korea, Hyundai U&I has developed terminal operating system, vessel & fleet management systems and many others mainly for its affiliated companies, Hyundai Merchant Marine, its own terminals, and Hyundai Logistics. While servicing them, Hyundai U&I expanded its business into other container terminals, and its terminal operating system ‘HiTOPS’ started to get the highest acclaim from terminal operators including GTOs for its seamless integration, sophisticated functions, and fast services. Now, Hyundai U&I, fully fledged with reliable solutions and expertise, is ready to serve global terminals, who seek smart solution for better operation.

Hyundai U&I Co., Ltd 

Hyundai Group bldg 
194 Yulgok-ro 
Korea 110-754

Contact Name: Seoryum Kim

Tel: +82 2 2072 6544
Fax: +82 22072 6100


Delivering products and services for Terminal Logistics, Warehousing and Logistics, Terminal Logistics, Asset Tracking, Inventory Management, Marine Operations Software, Resource Management, Software, System Integration, Terminal Operating Systems, Warehouse Management.

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