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Innovative and efficient

Kuenz GmbH offers innovative and efficient solutions for container transfer and handling in intermodal operation, by rail – road – or river, automated stacking cranes for harbor and rail yard operation, including our own custom designed and manufactured spreaders.


Due to numerous successful Kuenz installations at intermodal terminals Kuenz GmbH is today the market leader in Europe and North America.

High performance, reliability, low operating and maintenance costs, careful handling of containers and goods, in particular fragile and dangerous goods, are the main criteria for choosing the proper handling solution.

Kuenz GmbH container cranes perform day by day fail-safe. To ensure that fact also in the future, Kuenz sets value on highest product and service quality as well as on the highest stage of our engineering efforts. Kuenz develops, designs and manufactures all of the main components like the hoist, the patent-registered gantry drive, Spreader etc., in house, which guarantees a maximum of safety and efficiency for the customer.

Intermodal Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes and Barge Cranes

Our rail-mounted container gantry cranes are designed as two-girder bridge. The steel construction of the gantry consists of the hinged post, the fixed post and the main girders with suspension. The hoisting rope reeving for the container hoisting...

Automated Container Stacking Cranes

Sophisticated Künz concepts for fully automated operation guarantee a smooth operation in stack stores. Künz develops, designs and manufactures all of the main components like the hoist, the patent-registered gantry drive, Spreader...

Crane Spreaders

Künz is one of a few crane suppliers, who manufacture its own spreaders. The benefits are obvious: Container crane and spreader by Künz result in a perfectly coordinated total package. The Künz spreader is electrical integrated...

Kuenz: 3 Ways to Optimise the Supply Chain

Guenter Bischof, CEO of Kuenz discusses how ports and terminals can optimise the supply chain. This includes delivering high quality, safe and environmentally friendly products.

Kuenz: The Focus on RMG Cranes

CEO of Kuenz, Guenter Bischof explains why its company is focussing primarily on RMG cranes and discusses some of the biggest issues facing the current industry climate including larger vessels and automation.

Kuenz: Exclusive PTI Interview at TOC Europe

In this exclusive interview with PTI at TOC Europe, Michael Geiger, Sales Director at Kuenz explores the innovative and efficient solutions Kuenz offers for container handling and transfers in intermodal operations as well as the growth and future plans of the company.

Kuenz CEO: Cranes Provide Next Level Automated Port Development

Kuenz’ CEO, David Moosbrugger assesses the concept of automation technologies in the current crane market and its potential in the future within container terminals. The design and manufacturing process of Kuenz’ latest product is also reviewed.

Kuenz: A New Dawn for Crane Technology

A review of the latest crane technology and Kuenz’ plans for innovation including the launch of new products and solutions are shared by Kuenz’ CEO, David Moosbrugger at TOC Europe 2017.

Kuenz: Corporate Video 2017

Welcome to the world of Kuenz. This is where modern day challenges such as efficient energy management are met with Kuenz’ innovative and efficient solutions, achieved from the support of a diligent and skilful team.

Tech Insight: Aerodynamic RMGs for APM Terminals

  01 Mar 2018

The engineers at Kuenz have conquered the wind surface challenge by drawing upon lessons learned in the hydropower industry

PTI: Free-to-Access Papers After Readership Boom

  27 Feb 2018

PTI has made dozens of highly academic technical papers free to view from the latest edition of the journal

PTI Reveals Event Session Four

  08 Feb 2018

PTI is proud to announce the ‘Robotization and Automated Terminals’ as the fourth session on Day 1 of the Container Terminal Automation Conference

Super Post-Panamax Cranes en Route to APMT Tangier

  12 Jan 2018

Three fully-automated ship-to-shore (STS) cranes are set to reach the new APM Terminals MedPort Tangier, Morocco terminal on February 15, 2018, as part of an upgrade to give it an annual container throughput capacity of five million TEU by 2019.

Top 10 Port Technology Videos of 2017

  21 Dec 2017

Digitalization, automation and terminal evolution are just some of the topics that Port Technology has covered in interviews with a range of experts

Top 10 Port Technology Technical Papers of 2017

  19 Dec 2017

We wrap up the year with a roundup of the most-read technical papers of 2017

PhilaPort Scoops New Super Post-Panamax Cranes

  05 Dec 2017

The Port of Philadelphia, one of the biggest fruit and perishables ports in the United States has completed the purchase agreement of two super post-Panamax container gantry cranes to bring the total number of new cranes purchased for Packer Avenue Marine Terminal (PAMT) in the past year to four.

Kuenz: A New Dawn for Crane Technology

  21 Aug 2017

David Moosbrugger, CEO of Kuenz, has discussed how the container handling environment is changing in an exclusive interview with Port Technology

Kuenz: Next Level Crane Automation

  02 Aug 2017

Kuenz’s CEO David Moosbrugger has explained to Port Technology why crane product development and automation are such important factors in the future of ports and terminals

How Automation Affects Port Electrification

  27 Jul 2017

Conductix-Wampfler’s Global Market Manager Claus Burger has explained how conductor rails and cable reel operations are effected by factors such as automation and electrification

Aerodynamic Girders for RMGs

Kuenz has been working on rail mounted gantry (RMG) cranes for intermodal terminals and river harbor terminals for many decades. As the market leader throughout Europe and North America, Kuenz has installed several hundred cranes throughout the world. Kuenz engineers in 2014 recognized that designing a RMG had become harder for the following reason: The cranes had become bigger. The largest Kuenz Cranes have a...

A New Dawn for Crane Technology

Maintenance costs and time are getting more and more vital in automated terminals, so beside the cost, the human risk is increased when people need to enter an automated terminal to tend to cranes. Therefore, we have a long-term commitment to long lasting components and several developments have been made in the area of maintenance with regard to critical parts such as ropes and wheels.

Q&A: David Moosbrugger, Managing Director, Kuenz

The most dramatic evolution in recent years is the automation of terminals. This started in the ports and will now be implemented step-by-step in other areas. For example, in the intermodal yards. Part of the technology which has been developed for the ports can be also used in intermodal facilities, new solutions for challenges need to be developed and then maybe it can also be...

Landing Made Smart and Easy

Austria-based crane manufacturer Hans Kuenz GmbH is well known in the intermodal industry for its state of the art container handling equipment. Kuenz designs, manufactures, delivers and installs its products all around the world, providing its customers with reliable machinery that is safe to operate and easy to maintain

Kuenz Technology at Maasvlakte II

An insight from Kuenz into their work at Maasvlakte II

New: Innovative and Efficient Container Handling

Kuenz offers solutions for container transfer and handling in intermodal operations – by rail, road or river

New deliveries for the Port of Duisburg

The port of Duisburg is the largest European inland port and among the top 100 container ports in the the world.

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Delivering products and services for Automation and Optimisation, Container Handling, Container Handling, Automation, RMGs, Spreader Systems.

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