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The perfect solution for every application

As an independent manufacturer of electromechanical and electrohydraulic drive solutions, EMG offers many additional products for a wide variety applications. Whether it's for explosion-protected sectors, high-voltage areas below ground, actuation systems in wind power stations, conveyance technology and lock equipment, the energy-optimised actuation of truck loading platforms, or for use on cable railways: EMG is prepared for the challenge. 
The various series models from our ELDRO® and ELHY® brands come into their own in "limitless" areas of application. 
ELDRO® has been a registered trademark since the early 1930s. 
The BRAKEMATIC® control solution, an electronic control unit with variable parameter settings to create regulated brake torque profiles, rounds off the product range for drive solutions. 
Typical areas of application for our products and solutions include: 
• Lifting and conveying technology
• Ports and cranes
• Steel and metallurgy
Our customers are always the focal point of our activities. We support their success and satisfaction through state-of-the-art and flexible applications, together with highly competent advice and a service that is tailored to suit each customer. 
Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to make a contribution to the competitiveness of our customers through continuous and consistent new and further developments on the basis of innovative production technologies and high quality demands. 
We aim to impress our customers, employees and proprietors with an outstanding level of service, as well as cooperation that is based on trust and partnership. 

EMG ELDRO® electrohydraulic thruster installed in a brake system


EMG ELDRO® assembly

EMG ELDRO® classic Standard series

All elements of a hydraulic actuation system are combined in the electrohydraulic thrusters from EMG to produce a compact assembly. When switched off, the hydraulic piston with the piston rod is located in its lower end position. When switched...

EMG ELDRO®classic DC series

ELDRO® DC thrusters are used in systems with an existing direct current power supply. The thrusters must be connected electrically in parallel. An electrical connection of the ELDRO® motors in series is not possible.  The ELDRO®...

EMG ELDRO®classic Explosion-proof series

Gases, vapours, fumes and dust are generated or escape during the production, processing, transport and storage of combustible substances in many industrial sectors. When combined with oxygen, an explosive atmosphere can develop. If this ignites,...

EMG ELHY® series

The motor housing accommodates the stator of the drive motor, which is designed as a three-phase asynchronous squirrel cage motor. The motor runs in the operating fluid.  The electrical connection is established via the terminal box, which...

EMG ELDRO®dynamic series

The new generation of electro-hydraulic lifting devices from EMG, ELDRO®dynamic, is characterised by faster operating times due to optimised pump impellers and reduced flow losses. In addition, the IE3 motor reduces hydraulic losses and thus...


The ELDRO®digital combines the new thruster generation EMG ELDRO®dynamic with evaluation electronics for the acquisition and advance evaluation of sensor and operating data for connection to a condition monitoring system.

EMG Brakematic® Control for electrohydraulic brake systems

BRAKEMATIC® controls for electrohydraulic drum and disc brakes fundamentally consist of a programmable frequency converter (FC) with functional modules (pedal, internal or external parametrisation interface, process control module with measuring...


Electro hydraulic actuators from the EdC series, which exhibit extremely compact dimensions, are capable of generating a comparatively large lifting force of 1,000 N. Their main areas of application include the lifting of shoe brakes and disc...

EMG Automation GmbH was founded on 22 June 1946 as a subsidiary of the “Nationale Automobilgesellschaft (NAG)”. The company produced brake lifting devices for use in industrial brakes. In 1977 the majority company EMH was founded in Brazil, which supplies the South American market with electromechanical and electro-hydraulic components. In 1980, EMG acquired Bielefeld Servo-Technik (BST) and has since then expanded the worldwide network of today's BST eltromat International GmbH. In 1995, BST acquired a majority shareholding in the US company Pro Mark Technologies, which means that the EMG Group has been represented on all continents since then. In 2003, the headquarters of EMG's parent company Elexis AG were relocated to Wenden (Sauerland). 

More than 70 years of EMG, which is also more than 70 years of continuous growth and consistent development of new markets and sales areas. Today, EMG is a global company with more than 1000 employees. We supply our products to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) around the world and realise turnkey solutions for end customers. Our bond with Wenden ensures we remain grounded, while our global presence safeguards our future.

EMG’s headquarters in 1955


EMG ELDRO®s in the 1950s

EMG is the specialist when it comes to intelligent and complex automation solutions and, in our capacity as a technological leader, we are the supplier of choice for our customers.
The main areas of application for series products, individual components and complex system solutions from the EMG group include continuous production processes in the metal, paper and plastic sectors, as well as in the foil and tyre industries.
We are steadily increasing our locations and number of sales offices and we are able to cover a large number of regions, industries and customers. For this purpose, it is important to represent a clear and solid value basis. Respect, reliability and responsibility, coupled with a vision for future-oriented technologies, innovation and quality, are values for which we stand, both with our outstanding products and our premium service.

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, flexible and responsible employees are our greatest asset and the source of our success. "We are as good as the sum of our employees". This reflects our corporate culture which we live up to in all our day-to-day dealings. To us, mutual appreciation, cooperation and loyalty are key virtues. Being a traditionalist company, we identify with our region, its residents and local industrial history. Against this background, we are particularly concerned with securing jobs in Germany. Our forward-looking investments and our clear commitment to our production site demonstrate our ambitions in this regard.


EMG is certified as family-friendly company


EMG’s employees


EMG’s electromechanical and electrohydraulic thrusters ELDRO® and ELHY® are the perfect solutions for every application.

Electrohydraulic thrusters of EMG

The ELDRO® and ELHY® electrohydraulic thrusters from EMG ensure a safe and "gentle" braking process in combination with modern drum and disk brakes.

EMG ELDRO® Standard series

The ELDRO® electrohydraulic thrusters from EMG can be used in almost every application to ensure safety for equipment and human lives.

EMG ELDRO® DC series

EMG ELDRO® DC series devices are used in systems with an existing direct current power supply to open brakes in the event of a voltage breakdown.

EMG ELDRO® Explosion-proof series

Explosion-protected ELDRO® devices are ideal for areas with explosive atmosphere, where gases, vapours, fumes and dust are generated or escape during the production, processing, transport and storage.

EMG ELHY® series

The ELHY® electrohydraulic thrusters from EMG can be used in almost every application to ensure safety for equipment and human lives.


Electro hydraulic actuators from the EdC series, which exhibit extremely compact dimensions, are capable of generating a comparatively large lifting force of 1,000 N in application areas including lifting of shoe and disc brakes.

EMG Automation Wins Khalifa Port Contract

  10 Jan 2019

EMG Automation GmbH has been indirectly awarded a major project, with Abu Dhabi Terminals, involving 54 automated rail-mounted gantry cranes

New Paper: Safety in Automation

  17 Oct 2018

Port Technology has published an exclusive paper from Eduard Musalf, After Sales Manager at EMG Automation GmBH, who has discussed the development of the brake thruster

PTI Edition 79: Smart Ports and Supply Chain Technologies

  19 Sep 2018

Port Technology's latest edition of the journal is now available online and in print.

EMG Launches New Harbour Crane Brake Thrusters

  22 Mar 2018

EMG Automation GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of drive systems, has expanded its ELDRO portfolio with ELDRO digital

Safety in Automation: Development of the Brake Thruster

In principle, everything that is moved also needs to be slowed down. Safety has always been the single most important factor in this regard.

EMG Automation GmbH
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EMG Automation GmbH

EMG brake thrusters in ports: 100% safety

Brake thrusters are crucial components in the braking systems of container gantry cranes and harbour crane systems when it comes to safety. Huge investment and not least human lives depend on brake thrusters working reliably. For more than 70 years, EMG in Wenden has been producing brake thrusters that have been setting standards with their safety and durability. More than two million of these brake thrusters are now in use worldwide, and EMG is the global market leader with its brands ELDRO® and ELHY®. Over the course of time, the brand name ELDRO® has become synonymous with brake thruster, but ELDRO® is only present where EMG appears on the brake thruster. The ELDRO® slogan, “The Original. Be safe.” emphasizes the high quality standard.

EMG Automation GmbH

ELDRO® is going digital: high-tech built on tradition

70 years of experience, more than 2 million devices installed, 100 per cent secure. ELDRO® and ELHY® branded brake thrusters, manufactured by EMG in Wenden, Germany, ensure that harbour crane installations can be safely operated all over the world. The brake thrusters, which are “Made in Germany”, are used in large portal cranes and harbour crane installations to securely operate the brake systems

EMG Automation GmbH

ELDRO® wird digital: High-Tech aus Tradition (German Press Release)

Sicherheit 4.0: Bremslüfter von EMG für die Digitalisierung gerüstet 70 Jahre Erfahrung, mehr als 2 Millionen installierte Geräte, 100-prozentige Sicherheit. Bremslüfter der Marken ELDRO® und ELHY® von EMG in Wenden, Deutschland, sorgen für den sicheren Betrieb von Hafenkrananlagen auf der ganzen Welt. Die Bremslüfter „Made in Germany“ werden zur Betätigung der Bremssysteme in großen Portalkränen und Hafenkrananlagen eingesetzt.

Delivering products and services for Container Handling, Crane Brakes, Crane Maintenance, Relocation & Repair, Crane Components, Drives, Retrofitting & Upgrading, RMGs, RTGs, STS Cranes, Dry Bulk & Specialist Cargo Handling, Conveyors, Loaders/Unloaders, Mooring & Berthing, Steel Sheet Piling, Maintenance, Terminal Logistics, System Integration, Terminal Operating Systems.

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