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Damen offers a wide range of harbour tugs such as ASD Tugs, ATD Tugs, ART Tugs, RSD Tugs, Stan Tugs, Stan Launch.

ASD Tug 3212

The ASD Tug and its crew make an excellent team, benefiting from the safe working environment that has been created for all onboard.

Rotortug 80-32 

The Advanced RotorTug® (ART) is a Robert Allan design provided with the patented Rotortug® propulsion configuration consisting of two diesel driven azimuth thrusters in the fore ship and one diesel driven azimuth thruster in the aft ship. 

The Rotortugs® have excellent manoeuvrability, high indirect towing forces and superb stability.

ASD 2810 Hybrid

The Damen ASD 2810 HYBRID is developed to save fuel by 30% and to reduce emissions by 50%. Fully electric, 100% silent and clean, with the possibility of sailing on two electric motors for one hour.

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