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Cirrus Logistics provides ports and terminals with applications and services that optimise the vessel call process, increase terminal throughput, and make the best use of available infrastructure and resources.

Jetty and Berth Scheduling; optimisation and simulation applications help manage the efficient flow of vessels through the port. Cirrus supports the scheduler by taking into consideration the maritime, safety, manpower and equipment requirements for each vessel call. KPIs can be monitored and built into the scheduling algorithms to ensure the impact of every vessel movement is understood, enabling waiting times and vessel turnaround times to be reduced.

Terminal and warehousing layout; our spatially aware applications assist in the designing of the terminal layout, warehouses and roadways, helping to minimising congestion and balance resourcing requirements to achieve the desired throughput. Facilities can be quickly designed and modelled, the results and benefits compared and analysed supported by 2D and 3D visualisation.

Marine Enterprise Suite (MES) - Cloud Services & Vessel Scheduling

Cirrus’ Marine Enterprise Suite (MES), provides cloud services and vessel scheduling designed to optimise the event management of vessel calls, from arrival at the pilot station to port departure. MES meets all the demands of a modern terminal...

SEABERTH - Berth Scheduling & Simulation Application

SEABERTH’s scheduling algorithm is able to recommend the best vessel schedule, that is compliant with the port service agreements and all the factors which a Harbour Master or Vessel Planner needs to take into consideration when scheduling...

Cirrus Simulation

Cirrus Simulation enables the terminal to carry out analysis and strategic experimentation in an accurate and stable modelling environment, completely unaffected by daily planning. Simulation is designed to answer such questions as: How will...

CLASS - Warehouse Design & Simulation Software

CLASS our spatially aware applications assist in the designing of the terminal layout, whilst identifying and minimising congestion. When the layout has been modelled, daily activities can be simulated to determine the resources required to meet...

Complementary Services From Cirrus Services

Cirrus Services; whilst our applications are designed for use by operations teams, we understand that some companies appreciate the advantage of having access to a subject matter expert. Cirrus offers various complementary services which range...

Cirrus have over 25 years’ experience in developing advanced optimisation and simulation techniques to enable companies to develop the best possible supply chain and maritime operational strategies that return optimum financial benefits.

Cirrus Logistics specialises in developing products that use Applied Modelling Algorithms to efficiently solve design, optimisation and scheduling challenges across the logistics industry. Our products enhance the decision making process through the use of rich 2D & 3D models, high impact graphical analytics, and quick to learn user interfaces.

Voiteq and Cirrus Logistics get new owners

  15 Oct 2009

The owners of VoiteQ Ltd., the UK's leading supplier of voice-directed warehousing solutions, have, via their new holding company, CentriQ Group Ltd., completed the acquisition of Cirrus Logistics Ltd., a leading supplier of simulation and optimisation solutions.

Cirrus Logistics releases 11th Generation of its World leading warehouse design & simulation tool

  09 Apr 2009

Cirrus Logistics, the internationally recognised pioneer of advanced software solutions for the logistics sector, has just released the 11th generation of CLASS, its highly successful decision support tool used to enhance warehouse layout and, by using simulation techniques, to optimise warehouse operations.

How To Reduce Your Demurrage Bill

Cirrus Logistics provides ports and terminals with applications and services that optimise the vessel call process, increase terminal throughput, and make the best use of available infrastructure and resources. This paper has been written to introduce an approach to vessel planning and scheduling that can return million-dollar savings per terminal per year.For supply chains that involve the chartering of vessels, demurrage is seen by many...

Applied modelling algorithms for ports and terminals

How can OR and algorithms change ports and terminals, a paper that defines the meaning of optimisation

Right Ship, Right Berth, Right Time

Berth space at terminals is a limited resource, and development of new berth space is expensive, time-consuming and may be limited by natural constraints. Effective berth scheduling allows terminals to maximize utilization of their berth space; therefore, berth scheduling is critical to the overall efficiency of the terminal and the associated supply chain.

Optimising complex terminal operations through advanced software applications

Increasing complexities The challenges facing port authorities and the companies responsible for shipping are increasing. The sheer growth in movements, driven by globalisation, is dictating new supply chain flows around the world leading to dramatic expansion in port traffic. New shipping technologies for energy transportation, such as that developed for LNG, and the impact of new security measures also need to be factored in.

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