Cavotec SA | Manufacturer of Systems for Ports & Maritime Sector

Cavotec SA | Manufacturer of Systems for Ports & Maritime Sector
Cavotec designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of systems for the ports and maritime sector – systems that make ports safer, more efficient, and more sustainable.
Cavotec’s innovative power transmission, distribution and control technologies improve safety and operational efficiency, and reduce environmental impact at port applications worldwide. MoorMaster™ automated mooring, which removes mooring lines from the mooring process; Alternative Maritime Power, (AMP), which enables ships in port to connect to land-based electrical supply; Panzerbelt cable protection, marine propulsion systems, radio remote controls and motorised cable reels. And our latest innovation, our Automatic Plug-in System, automates the connection of cranes, ships and other mobile equipment to the power grid.

Alternative Maritime Power (Shore Power/Cold Ironing)

Cavotec has developed its shore power systems – Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) – since the 1980s (also know as cold ironing). Cavotec’s AMP units consist primarily of cable management systems and connectors installed in or...

Panzerbelt Cable Protection

Panzerbelt is Cavotec’s patented cable protection system that powers shore-to-ship cranes. It incorporates a continuous semi-flexible belt, made from rubber with a steel inlay that lies over channels cast in the quay. Panzerbelt guarantees...

MoorMaster™ Automated Mooring Systems

MoorMaster™ is a vacuum-based automated mooring technology that eliminates the need for conventional mooring lines. Remote controlled vacuum pads recessed in, or mounted on the quayside or pontoons, moor and release vessels in seconds....

FLT Spring Driven Cable Reels

Cavotec spring reels, manufactured by Cavotec RMS in France and Cavotec Alfo in Germany, are used in ports all over the world for a wide range of applications. Designed and manufactured to withstand the exacting demands of this sector, our reels...

Motorised Cable Reels

Cavotec Specimas motorised cable reels are one of most important ranges supplied by the Cavotec Group to the ports and maritime sector. We tend to identify two types of applications for our motorised cable reels: horizontal and vertical reeling,...

Radio Remote Controls

Cavotec’s radio remote control systems (RRC) are designed to perform in the tough operating environments of the ports and maritime sector. With both ATEX and IEC certifications, Cavotec RRCs guarantee safe and secure communications at all...

Marine Slip Ring Systems

Cavotec has worked closely with engineering group ABB since the 1990s, on developing electric pod propulsion for cruise ships, icebreakers and other iceclass special purpose vessels. Cavotec has since delivered more than 160 slip ring and hydraulic...

Maritime Power Connectors

Cavotec’s low and medium voltage power connectors are designed to meet the exacting demands of the ports and maritime sector in wide variety of applications. We also produce a comprehensive range of multi-pin outlets for control cables,...

Brevetti Cable Chains for cable protection

Established in 1976, Italy’s Brevetti Stendalto was the first every company to produce nylon cable chains. The introduction of this revolutionary advance in cable and hose protection has made Brevetti the leading supplier of nylon and steel...

Flexible Power Cables

Cables play a key role in the ports and maritime sector. Cavotec supplies a wide range of cables varying from standard power cables to highly advanced power and signal cables. Depending on customer needs, our cables can also be supplied with...

Automatic Plug-in System (APS)

Cavotec’s Automatic Plug-in System, (APS), automates the connection of cranes, ships and other mobile equipment to the power grid. The system revolutionises the automated cable reel connection of Electric Rubber Tyred...

Corporate Product Range

This brochure provides an introduction to the Cavotec Group. It outlines our core values and describes the technologies that have seen Cavotec become one of the world's most innovative engineering groups.

Cavotec RTG Electrification

Detailed information on how Cavotec supports the electrification of rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTGs). A procedure reduces CO2, NOX emissions and noise pollution, reduces maintenance costs and downtime and creates substantial savings in fuel costs. This brochure includes details on cable reel technology, conductor bars, installation, maintenance and a reference list.

Moormaster Automated Mooring

MoorMaster(tm) is a vacuum-based automated mooring technology that eliminates the need for conventional mooring lines. Remote controlled vacuum pads, recessed in, or mounted on the quayside and attached to hydraulic actuated arms, extend, attach and moor ships in seconds. The technology has performed some 40,000 mooring operations at applications around the world. This brochure, published in May 2011, provides an overview of several of the current applications that use the technology.

Powering a Sustainable World

Powering a Sustainable World demonstrates how Cavotec systems enable ports, airports, mines and other areas of industry to operate as efficiently and productively as possible.

PTI Networking Dinner Event Sold Out

  07 Mar 2018

The exclusive networking dinner hosted at Searcys at the Gherkin has now sold out and tickets are no longer available for purchase

UN Report Features Cavotec’s Automated Mooring System

  20 Feb 2018

The 2018 UN Global Opportunity Report has highlighted Cavotec’s MoorMaster automated mooring system

New Generation Cranes Get Cavotec Upgrade

  01 Feb 2018

Cavotec has announced that it will supply crane specialist Konecranes with “advanced cable reel technologies” for two of its electrically powered BOXHUNTER Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) cranes, destined for Terport’s Villeta container terminal in Paraguay.

Cable Reels Designed for World’s Biggest Cranes

  05 Jan 2018

Cavotec has manufactured cable reels for ship-to-shore container cranes that boast the highest lifting distance of any STS cranes anywhere in the world today

ZPMC Invests $50 Million in Georgia’s Anaklia Port

  02 Jan 2018

ZPMC, a Chinese manufacturer of cargo handling equipment, has committed to an investment of US$50 million towards the development of Anaklia Deep Sea Port in Georgia

Cavotec Create Efficiency Gains for ZPMC

  11 Dec 2017

Cavotec has announced it has provided maintenance service for ZPMC by providing Radio Remote Control (RRC) units to serve its STS cranes in Morocco and China.

Project Aims to Eliminate Emissions at Norwegian Ports

  04 Sep 2017

Shore power and charging infrastructure could reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 12.5 million tonnes at ports in Norway every year, according to findings from ABB, DNV GL, the Port of Oslo, and Cavotec

London Ports Mull Shore Power

  24 Jul 2017

London’s Port Authority (PLA) jointly with other public bodies in the UK has commissioned three studies, one involving shore-side power, to help ports meet air quality standards

Friday Focus: TOC Europe 2017 Exhibitor Highlights

  07 Jul 2017

Port Technology visited Tratos, Cavotec, Konecranes, Vahle, 1-Stop Connections, Conductix-Wampfler Group, Navis, Cargotec, Tsubaki Kabelschlepp GmbH and Kalmar at TOC Europe 2017

TOC Europe Begins with Leaders’ Debate

  27 Jun 2017

TOC Europe 2017 has officially begun at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Center with a Leader’s Debate featuring major figures such as Dr Yvo Saanen of TBA, Uno Bryfors of ABB and Mika Mahlberg

Automated Mooring For Stabilizing Megaships

As the number of large and super-large container vessels in service grows, port authorities are scrambling to service these vast ships in ways that are safer and more profitable.

Ship-to-Ship Automated Mooring: A Cavotec First

Global engineering group Cavotec recently completed a series of at sea demonstrations (ASDs) of the innovative US Navy Advanced Mooring System (AMS) for novel ship-to-ship mooring applications. Following successful Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) at Cavotec USA in North Carolina, and System Integration Testing (SIT) at project partner Oceaneering’s facility in Maryland, the ASDs were conducted at US Naval Base Coronado in California

A call for innovative, integrated ports

Yann Duclot of PTI Preferred Partner Cavotec writes a paper which reviews the port arena holistically as he takes into account how ports can become further integrated and ultimately more successful

A World First: Combined Automated Mooring and Shore Power

Recent advances in battery power technology have led to the emergence, as with ZeroCat, of battery units capable of propelling ships. This in turn has resulted in a new and growing requirement for equipment capable of re-charging ships’ battery power packs while they are berthed. Cavotec’s extensive expertise in this field supports operators and engineering contractors to define the optimum APS system according to the...

Shore power for merchant vessels

As port authorities and shipping lines expand investment in sustainable technologies, shore power is one of several approaches that are becoming increasingly widely used. This article provides an overview of the growth in the use of shore power at container and bulk, and oil and gas applications, as well as key recommendations to implement it successfully.

Connecting passenger ships to the future

Schneider Electric inform us of the requirements set out for port authorities and shipping companies in reducing air and noise pollution and consider methods such as cold-ironing as an alternative source of marine power at ports.

Cavotec’s Shore Power Innovation Hits New Highs

With the global ports industry taking substantive steps to operate more sustainably and cost-effectively, leading shore power expert with the Cavotec engineering group, Luciano Corbetta, describes how shore power, or ‘cold ironing’ systems are increasingly being adopted, and adapted for port authorities, shipping lines and ship owners.

Making cold ironing make sound business sense

Shore-to-ship power supply is frequently presented as a way for port authorities and shipping lines to substantially reduce environmental impact, while the economic case for shore power has tended to remain more elusive.

Cutting ties with conventional thinking

MoorMaster™ is a vacuum-based automated mooring technology that eliminates the need for conventional mooring lines. Remote controlled vacuum pads recessed in or mounted on the quayside can moor and release vessels in seconds.

Cutting ties with conventional thinking: Versatile and cost-effective: automated mooring systems

MoorMaster™ is a vacuum-based automated mooring technology that eliminates the need for conventional mooring lines.

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